16:42 Ticket #877 (Consider whether we can have a Help>Refresh Menus) closed by curtis
wontfix: We won't be able to support this any time soon.
16:39 Ticket #1001 (Interoperability between ImageJ and other software) closed by curtis
fixed: All constituent tickets resolved.
16:38 Ticket #1006 (Interoperability between ImageJ and ITK) closed by curtis
wontfix: I still would love to have interoperability between ImageJ and ITK, but it …
16:34 Ticket #1442 (Support headless plugins) closed by curtis
fixed: There is a "headless" flag in the @Plugin annotation, which helps give a …
16:28 Ticket #1653 (Add BigInteger and BigDecimal numerical types) closed by curtis
moved: Migrated to  https://github.com/imagej/imagej-common/issues/35


21:33 Ticket #536 (Decide on ROI Persistence Mechanism) closed by curtis
moved: Migrated to  https://github.com/imglib/imglib2-roi/issues/2
21:30 Ticket #1977 (Support a FloatingType interface) closed by curtis
moved: Moved to  https://github.com/imagej/imglib/issues/24
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