14:20 Ticket #2038 (Investigate graph-maven-plugin) created by curtis
Right now we use maven-graph-plugin to render some dependency graphs for …


12:01 Ticket #2037 (Use ImageJ.cfg to store all settings) created by curtis
The ImageJ Preferences API is very opaque, and platform specific, and thus …
11:59 Ticket #2036 (Expose the Updater's UpToDate check setting in Edit > Options) created by curtis
We should migrate the UpToDate check's usage of imagej.util.Prefs to a …
11:58 Ticket #2035 (Make it possible to complete disable the ImageJ updater) created by curtis
Sometimes people want to deploy a version of Fiji that never checks for …


18:53 Ticket #1815 (Support SLIM Plugin fitted images in IJ2/ImgLib2) closed by aivar
moved: Blocking issues moved to github.
18:51 Ticket #1816 (SLIM Plugin image fitting process should be adapted in IJ2) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/34 This …
17:45 Ticket #1384 (Create ImageStatistics class) closed by aivar
wontfix: My original motivation for the 'minimal number of passes' was based on the …
17:18 Ticket #1812 (Create "LifetimeDataset") closed by aivar
fixed: Implemented just a LifetimeDatasetWrapper class that wraps a Dataset in …
17:10 Ticket #1913 (Migrate SLIM plugin to ImageJ2 [analysis]) closed by aivar
moved: Blockers moved to github.
16:38 Ticket #1749 (Improve interactibility of histogram) closed by aivar
duplicate: Duplicate of #1808, which was moved to github: …
16:36 Ticket #1806 (Implement SLIM Plugin UI in IJ2) closed by aivar
fixed: Blockers moved to github.
16:35 Ticket #1808 (Implement SLIM Plugin Histogram Tool in IJ2) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/32
16:30 Ticket #1746 (Concept of set of derived (i.e. fitted) images) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/33
16:26 Ticket #1370 (Use IJ2 for main SLIM Plugin UI Panel display) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/31
16:23 Ticket #1637 (UI needs tabbed panes) closed by aivar
fixed: IJ2 now supports tabbed panes.
16:16 Ticket #1818 (Clicking on lifetime display should generate a lifetime click event) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/30
16:12 Ticket #1817 (Lifetime display) closed by aivar
moved: Moved to github:  https://github.com/uw-loci/slim-plugin/issues/29


15:47 Ticket #1667 (Need Imglib2 compatible version of SLIM) closed by curtis
fixed: This was ostensibly done in …


11:53 Ticket #2034 (Launcher doesn't respect ImageJ.cfg memory) created by hinerm
On OSX, using an ImageJ.cfg in ImageJ.app/, with the line: maxheap.mb = …
11:51 Ticket #2033 (Find base directory gives wrong result) created by hinerm
If ImageJ.app lives in a subfolder where the parent has a pom.xml, the …


16:32 Ticket #2032 (Better LUT ranges) created by aivar
Originally posted to the …
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