14:23 Ticket #2031 (Throw a 2.0.0-final release party) created by bdezonia
... and invite Barry


10:07 Ticket #2030 (FlipHorizontally and FlipVertically have edge artifacts) created by curtis
Open Mitosis sample. Flip Horizontally. Navigate to second Z position. …


14:18 Ticket #2029 (There are two Rotate... menu entries) created by bdezonia
Recently a pure version of the Image > Transform > Rotate... command was …
10:03 Ticket #2028 (Data does not always update correctly) created by bdezonia
Open Organ of Corti Run pure IJ2 version of Image > Transform > Rotate ... …


12:44 Ticket #2027 (HistogramPlot should be more flexible) created by bdezonia
HistogramPlot should be modified to allow one to define a PointSet region …
12:36 Ticket #2026 (Use Histogram1d<?> more fully) created by bdezonia
There are two places in the code that use their own histogram logic. Adapt …
12:30 Ticket #2025 (Utilize UnitService in IJ2) created by bdezonia
imglib2-meta has a UnitService. We aren't yet using it in IJ2. We should …
12:23 Ticket #2024 (Simplify design of binary mask plugins) created by bdezonia
We want to be able to construct scripts that can encompass the various …


14:56 Ticket #2023 (Cannot mark a file obsolete as the sole operation) created by curtis
On one of my update sites (LOCI), I wanted to remove a file …


17:00 Ticket #2022 (Null values should be allowed as inputs) created by bdezonia
The Process > Binary > Binarize plugin was written to allow flexible …


11:24 Ticket #2021 (Dataset color tables are never overridden) created by bdezonia
Open a sample image Make Binary (this assigns each plane in output with a …
10:49 Ticket #2020 (Make Binary can flip pixels) closed by bdezonia
fixed: I am fixing this in a sneaky way. The MakeBinary command now just returns …
09:48 Ticket #2020 (Make Binary can flip pixels) created by bdezonia
Open Boats Make Binary and get a binary image Now Make Binary again The …
09:46 Ticket #2018 (Make pure version of Process > Binary > Make Binary) closed by bdezonia
fixed: I will open the one remaining bug as another ticket. Closing.
09:45 Ticket #2019 (Legacy plugins run and run) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with commit ba870c2514771b3e039cee4a44d796e89d9e2f3a
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