16:36 Ticket #2005 (Image Properties can mess up units) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Wayne agrees that this is his bug. Says it will be fixed in the next daily …
16:27 Ticket #1981 (Special:ChangeUploadPassword reports SSH error) closed by dscho
fixed: I fixed this by creating a read-only (and www-data-only) directory of …
15:35 Ticket #1620 (Units support) closed by bdezonia
fixed: We are now in phase 5 of this ticket. Closing.
14:08 Ticket #1997 (Write img-metadata unit tests) closed by bdezonia
fixed: I handled this some time ago.
10:44 Ticket #2005 (Image Properties can mess up units) created by bdezonia
The legacy Image Properties command allows one to set the voxel size unit. …


14:57 Ticket #2004 (Utilize unit conversions in imglib2-meta) created by bdezonia
Now that there is a unit conversion facility in imglib2-meta we should …
14:54 Ticket #445 (Add unit support to IJ2 as needed) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Unit library chosen (UCAR UDUNITS).
14:53 Ticket #1622 (Make a units package in Imglib) closed by bdezonia
fixed: I am supporting UCAR UDUNITS for now. It is simple and well tested. We may …
14:51 Ticket #1621 (Research unit libraries) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Uomo is still in development. Werner was not planning on releasing as …


16:18 Ticket #1774 (Install logrotate on server) closed by curtis
fixed: Actually, logrotate was already installed on server. I believe it is …
16:18 Ticket #2003 (Set up AWStats on dev and server) created by curtis
We need to install and configure AWStats to work on our web sites which …
15:15 Ticket #2002 (Type change results wrong for this file) closed by bdezonia
fixed: It was a view update bug related to an off by one error introduced when we …
13:03 Ticket #2002 (Type change results wrong for this file) created by bdezonia
Open flourescent cells sample image. Change type to unsigned 16-bit (or …
11:19 Ticket #1988 (Reenable Fiji's Google Code mirror) closed by dscho
fixed: Google Code seems to work again.
10:26 Ticket #2001 (Improve Edit Axes plugin) created by bdezonia
Soon there will be code in Imglib that allows nonlinear calibration axes. …


13:55 Ticket #2000 (Support nonlinear calibration functions) created by bdezonia
The recent changes made to incorporate img-metadata are a good start for …


15:21 Ticket #564 (Write pure IJ2 version of Image :: Show Info menu item) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with commit 8d63e7ef9cbe902a0ad316c118b9b30a09c6f1d6
12:23 Ticket #1300 (Image label does not show calibration) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with commit cbfeb0b3c7cda4d7f38470b06869b79bd7fcbe3d
11:07 Ticket #1222 (Extend Edit Axes functionality) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fxied with commit f4d699a7a796118035b0dfae4ec34377a6df2c34


15:20 Ticket #1999 (Probe tool should report units) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with commit cbfeb0b3c7cda4d7f38470b06869b79bd7fcbe3d
15:18 Ticket #1999 (Probe tool should report units) created by bdezonia
Now that img-metadata has been merged to imglib2 master we should utilize …
11:07 Ticket #1624 (Incorporate unit calibrated imglib code into IJ2) closed by bdezonia
fixed: This code has been merged to master. Closing.
11:05 Ticket #822 (Integrate dimensions, axes, calibration, etc.) closed by bdezonia
fixed: The calibration-changes branch was merged to master recently. Closing.
11:02 Ticket #1998 (release-version.sh leaves files around) created by bdezonia
After running release-version.sh the released project has some new files …
10:59 Ticket #1997 (Write img-metadata unit tests) created by bdezonia
The img-metadata classes have sprouted up rather quickly and been …
10:56 Ticket #1996 (Eliminate Extents and Position classes) created by bdezonia
The Extents and Position classes may not have a useful purpose. The …
10:53 Ticket #1995 (Adjust threshold should use auto better) created by bdezonia
In IJ1 when you select a auto thresh method the threshold pixels are …
10:51 Ticket #1994 (Select View is confusing) created by bdezonia
If you run Edit :: Select :: View followed by Edit :: Fill you get a …
10:48 Ticket #1993 (Channel draws in wrong color) created by bdezonia
Open attached file Change type to 16 bit unsigned Move channel slider to …
10:39 Ticket #1992 (Delete data can throw exception 2) created by bdezonia
Open Organ Of Corti Run Delete Data plugin Choose Z, 9, 7 Exception thrown …
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