13:36 Ticket #1672 (Previously completed work) created by bdezonia
Some tickets have been completed before this beta but were not classified …
13:32 Ticket #1671 (Fix build system issues) created by bdezonia
This ticket represents issues with the ImageJ2 build system and project …
13:25 Ticket #1670 (Publish ImageJ and friends to the Maven Central repository) created by curtis
ImageJ and related artifacts should be available in the Central repository …
12:12 Ticket #1669 (Break reliance on Imglib2's PlanarContainer) created by bdezonia
Internally IJ2 represents all data as an in-memory set of planes using …
11:13 Ticket #1668 (Tracking project) created by bdezonia
There is a projected related to tracking and enhancing Trackmate. This …
11:07 Ticket #1667 (Need Imglib2 compatible version of SLIM) created by bdezonia
We need a version of SLIM that utilizes Imglib2 internally. The current …
11:01 Ticket #1666 (Enhance update mechanisms) created by bdezonia
We may want to support multiple "update channels". In the process we may …
10:56 Ticket #1665 (Unify web sites) created by bdezonia
Unify wiki.imagej.net, developer.imagej.net, mirror.imagej.net
10:55 Ticket #1664 (Improve infrastructure) created by bdezonia
10:49 Ticket #1663 (Support for mixed world plugins) created by bdezonia
We should support plugins that use both ImageJ2 and IJ1 data structures …
10:43 Ticket #1662 (Fiji to include ImageJ2) created by bdezonia
We should ship all of ImageJ2 with Fiji. Users would work in IJ1 as usual …
10:37 Ticket #1661 (More seamless integration of IJ1 & IJ2 [ndim-data]) created by bdezonia


16:59 Ticket #904 (Implement Threshold Plugin) closed by bdezonia
16:56 Ticket #1660 (Implement some IJ1 plugins) created by bdezonia
Some IJ1 plugins cannot be supported by the legacy translation approach. …


14:09 Ticket #1659 (Remove the "Update the updater?" question from the updater) created by dscho
So far, when the updater detects an update to the updater itself, it asks …
14:07 Ticket #1658 (Teach MiniMaven to use the general Compiler API) created by dscho
Similar to ImageJ 1.x' switch (made complicated by refusing to depend on …
12:58 Ticket #1657 (Reconcile fiji-compat with ij-legacy) created by dscho
We want to ship Fiji in a version where there is a Help>Switch to ImageJ2 …
12:39 Ticket #1656 (Simplify updater tests) created by dscho
The updater unit tests are horribly complicated. Most of them, however, …


13:31 Ticket #1655 (Use non-versioned filenames in the updater) created by dscho
It is quite confusing to read those long file names like …
13:07 Ticket #1654 (Fix MiniMaven when a dependency's version is specified as a non-SNAPSHOT ...) created by dscho
When building Fiji, the ImageJ version is stuck at the version MiniMaven …


15:46 Ticket #1653 (Add BigInteger and BigDecimal numerical types) created by curtis
The ImgLib2 library has type-agnostic support for numerical data …


14:33 Ticket #1652 (Resolve inconsistencies of threshold code) created by bdezonia
Currently there is an initial implementation of thresholding capabilities …


16:31 Ticket #1122 (Adjust Threshold not working) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Thresholding has been added recently and this issue is now fixed.
16:26 Ticket #756 (Threshold broken) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Thresholding has been implemented recently and this ticket is now fixed.
16:06 Ticket #977 (Process>Math>NaN Background is unfinished) closed by bdezonia
16:06 Ticket #977 (Process>Math>NaN Background is unfinished) reopened by bdezonia
16:05 Ticket #977 (Process>Math>NaN Background is unfinished) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with commit 24ec50ea06350062f4db7a49ed5b0fe476806748


10:10 Ticket #1651 (NumberWidget: sliders and scrolls don't work with doubles) created by bdezonia
While working on the Threshold plugin I came across an issue with …


11:52 Ticket #964 (Make Binary broken) closed by bdezonia


12:38 Ticket #1650 (Port Gabriel Landini's threshold plugins) created by bdezonia
We would like to bring Fiji's Auto Threshold and Auto Local Threshold …


13:01 Ticket #1649 (Write wiki entry introducing OPS) created by bdezonia
OPS has been created but is not documented very well. Write up a web page …
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