16:00 Ticket #1631 (Improve plugin infrastructure) created by bdezonia
This ticket is for improvements to the plugin infrastructure
15:38 Ticket #1630 (Improve menuing system) created by bdezonia
The menu system has some limitations and bugs that must be resolved. See …
14:54 Ticket #1629 (Fix Display UI issues) created by bdezonia
12:34 Ticket #1628 (Recommended architecture changes) created by bdezonia


14:23 Ticket #1551 (Exceptions thrown via color buttons) closed by curtis
fixed: I just fixed this as part of another bugfix; see …
14:12 Ticket #1550 (IJ2 tutorials broken) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in …
13:47 Ticket #1627 (Fix IconService architecture) created by curtis
The IconService exists to make it possible to paint icons in a UI-agnostic …


11:49 Ticket #1626 (Sezpoz error on Windows) created by bdezonia
During startup code of ImageJ2 on Windows there are multiple exceptions …


15:58 Ticket #1625 (Fix maven-license-plugin to be able to update the year range) created by dscho
At the moment, all of our license headers show a year range 2009-2012, but …
13:49 Ticket #1624 (Incorporate unit calibrated imglib code into IJ2) created by bdezonia
In satisfying ticket #1623 it is anticipated that we will have a …
13:47 Ticket #1623 (Solicit community feedback on units project) created by bdezonia
Development of a units subpackage in Imglib2 is laid out in ticket #1622. …
13:41 Ticket #1622 (Make a units package in Imglib) created by bdezonia
Create an imglib project (imglib-units or imglib-axes) that is not in core …
13:35 Ticket #1621 (Research unit libraries) created by bdezonia
Choose unit libraries to use for imglib2 and imagej2. The library should …
13:25 Ticket #1620 (Units support) created by bdezonia
Below is outlined a plan for implementing units support in IJ2 and Imglib2 …


17:19 Ticket #1619 (Autocontrast issues with sampling) created by bdezonia
The Duplicate plugin creates a new image but it's display range settings …
17:13 Ticket #1618 (Display titles can be wrong) created by bdezonia
Start IJ2. Hold the Blobs hotkey down for a while until dozens of image …
17:10 Ticket #1617 (Legacy mode: can't use ROI Manager) created by bdezonia
When legacy mode is activated the ROI Manager cannot be displayed.
17:09 Ticket #1616 (Legacy mode: gracefully handle closing IJ1 app frame) created by bdezonia
If you are in legacy compatibility mode you are able to close the IJ1 app …
16:37 Ticket #1615 (Default collision naming strategy is not great) created by bdezonia
Open Boats (window named boats.gif) Duplicate (this second window is also …
13:37 Ticket #1614 (Simplify menu modifying services) created by bdezonia
There are three services (DefaultLutService, DefaultRecentFilesService, …
11:38 Ticket #1613 (Fix Window & Level command) created by curtis
Michael Cammer points out: […] The IJ1 Window & Level command does not …
10:56 Ticket #1235 (Improve Lookup Table menu support) closed by bdezonia
fixed: With commit db1382f71c2acf6811b5da9d1cc3cf06b7818b2f this ticket is done.
09:53 Ticket #1602 (incremental-deploy.sh does not deploy POMs) closed by dscho
fixed: This should be fixed in …


13:36 Ticket #1612 (Read legacy text tables into ResultsTables) closed by bdezonia
fixed: With commit 95f478222081a794a41102e1fbd3b30dfea60105 a TablerLoader class …
13:35 Ticket #1612 (Read legacy text tables into ResultsTables) created by bdezonia
We should write a class that can load a legacy text table formatted file …
13:33 Ticket #1611 (Write ColorTable loading class) closed by bdezonia
fixed: With commit 1bbe0119991b3cba0723ebc64fc3da584e70d8b1 there is now a …
13:31 Ticket #1611 (Write ColorTable loading class) created by bdezonia
IJ2 uses ColorTables rather than IJ1's LUTs. We need to be able to load …
13:29 Ticket #1610 (Port some legacy concepts into IJ2) created by bdezonia
IJ2 has defined its own modern structures (new ResultsTable, new …


13:27 Ticket #1609 (Make screencasts to illustrate how to use Eclipse/develop ImageJ/develop ...) created by dscho
When I recently gave a talk at the NIH, Wayne Rasband pointed out that it …


16:52 Milestone imagej2-b6-legacy completed
Beta release focusing on a dedicated ImageJ 1.x legacy mode, and other …
16:51 Ticket #1506 (Create a user story for the release [legacy]) closed by curtis
fixed: Blog entry [ http://developer.imagej.net/2012/12/27/imagej-v200-beta6
11:13 Ticket #1608 (Fix build system issues [ndim-data]) created by curtis
This ticket represents issues with the ImageJ2 build system and project …
11:04 Ticket #1584 (Improve legacy support [legacy]) closed by curtis
11:04 Ticket #1583 (Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [legacy]) closed by curtis
11:04 Ticket #1579 (Recommended architecture changes [legacy]) closed by curtis
11:00 Ticket #1574 (Fix obviously failing commands [legacy]) closed by curtis
10:58 Ticket #1573 (Enhance Imglib2 OPS [legacy]) closed by curtis
10:58 Ticket #1571 (Test various features of IJ2 [legacy]) closed by curtis
10:58 Ticket #1570 (Fix Image Type bugs [legacy]) closed by curtis
10:56 Ticket #1354 (Implement Help>Start Legacy ImageJ) closed by curtis
fixed: See 8dba7148 and …
10:52 Ticket #1572 (Improved user experience [legacy]) closed by curtis
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