10:08 Ticket #924 (Duplicate plugin not completely successful) created by bdezonia
If you try to Duplicate the Blobs image you'll see that the colors are …
09:52 Ticket #923 (PixelProbe can exception out) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed in 2f9888ee12173b3e90c8ee313e7ba314dd9ff33f.


16:39 Ticket #923 (PixelProbe can exception out) created by bdezonia
There is an issue with modifying a dataset in place that can cause …
16:32 Ticket #916 (Exception when adding an axis) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed with 8a637ccb620dc9f89a23b8d3e43d3b5d4f6b5bce. Other exceptions now …
15:48 Ticket #922 (Overlay tools: right click can create tiny anomaly) created by bdezonia
If you activate either the rectangle tool or the oval tool and right click …
14:05 Ticket #921 (Application Framework Generalization) created by gharris
Generalize Application Framework In relation to having created a …


11:58 Ticket #331 (Check on License of imagine) closed by curtis
fixed: Nothing left to do for this ticket. We just need to remain aware of the …


09:59 Ticket #857 (Can't set current FG or BG color) closed by bdezonia
09:58 Ticket #830 (Need to track foreground and background values) closed by bdezonia


10:35 Ticket #920 (Legacy layer issues with Linux) created by bdezonia
Running Ubuntu 11.10 with OpenJDK 1.6.0_23. At launch time exception is …
10:07 Ticket #919 (App menu not available in Linux) created by bdezonia
The app menu entries that are present on the Mac do not appear on Linux. …


11:43 Ticket #918 (Delete Axis not happy with 2d images) created by bdezonia
The Delete Axis plugin does not notice when you provide it a 2d image. …


12:43 Ticket #487 (Launcher - Splash Screen) closed by dscho
09:39 Ticket #917 (Data organization issues) created by bdezonia
The restructure plugins have been updated to maintain existing color …


16:33 Ticket #916 (Exception when adding an axis) created by bdezonia
Add Z axis to Boats. Exception below thrown: [ERROR] Exception during …
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