10:56 Ticket #594 (Output Window) closed by curtis
fixed: Creation issue addressed in 2ab230a321e941824fecc87a1540b8dfa495462f and …


10:29 Ticket #731 (Implement Swing MDI version) created by gharris
Implement an MDI desktop version of the application. This is to validate …


14:43 Ticket #730 (Display Hierarchy Refactoring) created by gharris
Refactoring of the Display Hierarchy: Display can be any kind of display …


15:03 Ticket #672 (Delete Axis can throw a concurrent modification exception) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Making the axisSliders instance variable a ConcurrentHashMap rather than a …
13:17 Ticket #605 (Display sizes do not update after deleting data along the X or Y axis) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Also fixed by 64c877fbd4981345c0994d2c3e6016acf8fbfb7a
13:13 Ticket #627 (Rotating image can cause window size to be wrong) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed in 64c877fbd4981345c0994d2c3e6016acf8fbfb7a. Had to rework some code …


15:32 Ticket #725 (Document BF-ITK Usage) reopened by curtis
I also updated the following pages on the FARSIGHT wiki: * …
14:30 Ticket #725 (Document BF-ITK Usage) closed by curtis
fixed: I  changed the bf-itk-pipe readme
14:21 Ticket #729 (Imglib OPS enhancement ideas) created by bdezonia
This ticket is an idea dump. New separate tickets should be hatched and …
13:39 Ticket #728 (IJ2 Image Calculator differs from IJ1) created by bdezonia
The IJ2 Image Calculator does not act exactly like IJ1. IJ1 has dialog …


20:55 Ticket #727 (Imglib OPs finishing touches) created by bdezonia
Imglib Ops has been completely revamped. The minimum work was done to get …
20:30 Ticket #336 (Continue work on revision 3 of imglib-ops) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Committed rev 6 of imglib ops and incorporated changes into IJ2 with …


14:29 Ticket #726 (Ensure Physical Pixel Sizes are preserved) created by hinerm
Verification is required to show that the physical pixel sizes of an image …
14:25 Ticket #725 (Document BF-ITK Usage) created by hinerm
The documentation for BF-ITK needs to be updated to include the new ITK …
14:23 Ticket #724 (Preserve Original Metadata) created by hinerm
Ensure BF-ITK plugin is preserving the original image's metadata …
13:40 Ticket #723 (Clear Preferences Plugin) created by gharris
Add a plugin to clear the IJ2 Preferences, thus falling back to the …
11:59 Ticket #722 (Task Management UI) created by gharris
Interacting with the UI during the execution of background worker threads. …
11:23 Ticket #687 (Hold spacebar to pan) closed by curtis
fixed: Done in 2d3b8927ab520a91f00e79f1b8659e5904f2f585.
11:05 Ticket #700 (Programmatic Plugin Invocation) closed by gharris
10:58 Ticket #434 (Make IJ2 probe more like IJ1) closed by bdezonia
fixed: This appears to be done.
10:55 Ticket #505 (Fix Crop plugin when region selection code in place) closed by bdezonia
fixed: I believe Curtis committed a fix for this.


13:22 Ticket #721 (Improve support for images where compositeChannelCount != numChannels) created by bdezonia
We have some images that would display well when composite channel count …


13:32 Ticket #667 (Stack To Images problematic with RGB input) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed in 97ba2789250130ab526723082e0e3b2bc82b968f.


16:34 Ticket #720 (IJ2 Open command sets LUTs incorrectly) created by bdezonia
If you open the OME 4d series in IJ1 (via either File open command or BF …
16:31 Ticket #701 (LUTs getting out of sync) closed by bdezonia
fixed: This last issue with OME 4d has nothing to do with legacy layer as you …
14:43 Ticket #719 (Display painting bug) created by bdezonia
Sometimes IJ2 does not correctly paint images. This sequence can reliably …
14:40 Ticket #715 (Initial setup of selected region is wrong) closed by bdezonia
fixed: After discussions with Curtis have come to the conclusion that this is a …
12:51 Ticket #718 (ImageJ 1.45m added Image>Overlay>Overlay Options command) created by bdezonia
ImageJ 1.45m has an Overlay Options command. See if we need to write a new …
11:43 Ticket #665 (A Display can go from Composite to Color unexpectedly) closed by bdezonia


09:45 Ticket #709 (Quit Plugin) closed by gharris
08:56 Ticket #717 (ProbeTool exception with Overlays outside of image area.) created by gharris
When an image is cropped using an overlay, the overlay remains defined and …


15:44 Ticket #708 (Catch up on email) closed by curtis
fixed: Whew, down to 3 emails from 30.
15:01 Ticket #668 (Image :: Stack :: Stack to Images results in wrong colors and other issues) closed by bdezonia
fixed: After some discussion with Curtis decided my approach in …


11:19 Ticket #716 (ProbeTool cursor is off) created by bdezonia
Now that the ProbeTool is always on its using a different cursor. The …


15:15 Ticket #702 (Extraneous "There are no images open" popups) closed by bdezonia
fixed: fixed in 62472a6bbb0b4f7c08324eb4897295481cb55c7d
14:56 Ticket #714 (Image::Type::RGB Stack behaves unexpectedly) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Fixed in a524aeea69384bcc1fdb9f908d55de97f677965e.
11:15 Ticket #654 (Fix bf-cpp distribution bundle generation) closed by hinerm
fixed: Changes were made to the jar2lib templates and bio-formats supporting …
11:15 Ticket #298 (Make JVM creation method generic) closed by hinerm
fixed: jtools now automatically checks for a "jar" subdirectory, either in the …
11:14 Ticket #712 (Phase out Dataset::getSelection() code) closed by bdezonia
fixed: fixed. commits too numerous to mention. culminated in fix …


15:58 Ticket #715 (Initial setup of selected region is wrong) created by bdezonia
Some plugins now work on the bounds of the currently selected region via …
15:55 Ticket #714 (Image::Type::RGB Stack behaves unexpectedly) created by bdezonia
Open Clown Choose Image::Type::RGB Stack Notice there are two images. One …
15:51 Ticket #713 (Zoom to selection is broken) created by bdezonia
I recently started using the bounds of the current selection for the Zoom …
15:48 Ticket #712 (Phase out Dataset::getSelection() code) created by bdezonia
Now that the OverlayService can return the currently selected bounds. Use …
15:09 Ticket #359 (Update "current status" page on ImageJDev.org) closed by curtis
fixed: Current status …
10:57 Ticket #46 (Integrate FARSIGHT with ImageJ) closed by curtis
wontfix: Leveraging ITK from ImageJ is a worthwhile goal, but pursuing …
10:55 Ticket #673 (Memory leak in LegacyOutputTracker) closed by bdezonia
fixed: My other fixes did not resurrect this bug. Closing.
10:52 Ticket #675 (Split Channels sometimes complains) closed by bdezonia
fixed: fixed in 736c97c545241fbd8189b087c2d218654d3e7bc1 and …
10:50 Ticket #674 (Stack to images no longer closes original image) closed by bdezonia
fixed: fixed in b72c24756c777ff866fe434ac0230107a0fc1fed


14:30 Milestone imagej-2.0-alpha4 completed
An alpha release demonstrating the new class hierarchy, plugin …
13:40 Ticket #690 (Rectangle overlay tool doesn't work after first rectangle is drawn) closed by leek
fixed: It turns out you need to get the selection tool from the toolbar. Luckily …
12:36 Ticket #19 (Efficient support for very large image planes) reopened by aivar
12:20 Ticket #672 (Delete Axis can throw a concurrent modification exception) reopened by bdezonia
Still an issue: Organ of Corti Delete Data: Z axis, pos 4, num slice 6 …
12:14 Ticket #90 (BaseTiffMock endianness) closed by leek
11:44 Ticket #78 (CellProfiler-related bioformats tests) closed by leek
11:16 Ticket #19 (Efficient support for very large image planes) closed by aivar
11:11 Ticket #711 (Build TRI2 with SLIMCurve) created by aivar
Build a version of TRI2 locally that uses SLIMCurve for local testing.
10:58 Ticket #710 (Fix BioFormats ICSReader.java to handle Gray .ics files.) created by aivar
Rewrite ICSReader metadata handling. This already has a hack to handle …
10:57 Ticket #673 (Memory leak in LegacyOutputTracker) reopened by bdezonia
My hack causes other memory leaks. Reopening to make sure any change does …
10:56 Ticket #709 (Quit Plugin) created by gharris
Perhaps change from using message visibility to DialogPrompt
10:27 Ticket #708 (Catch up on email) created by curtis
Time for another email purge.
10:02 Ticket #20 (Efficient support for very large image data) closed by curtis
duplicate: We are working on new ImgLib2 container types for this. See ticket #216.
08:34 Ticket #707 (Non-Modal Plugin) created by gharris
Add ability to create a non-modal plugin frame which tracks the display …
08:04 Ticket #706 (Create ColorTable (LUT) Selector Plugin) created by gharris
Create a ColorTable (LUT) Selector Plugin for IJ2
08:03 Ticket #705 (Fix LookupTable (IJ1)) created by gharris
Set ColorTable (LUT) IJ1 Lookup Tables – shows next-to-last one selected.
07:20 Ticket #704 (Bug in AbstractRegionOfInterest) created by leek
Reported by Martin Horn: Stephan Preibisch gave me your E-Mail contact. We …
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