11:51 Ticket #321 (ImageJ OpenCL plugin support) closed by rlentz


12:15 Ticket #243 (Add Bio-Formats-Supported Files to Open dialog) closed by hinerm
fixed: Created a java class, BioFormatsExtensionPrinter, as part of the BF-CPP …


15:59 Ticket #332 (Improve WorkFlowPipes preview behavior) created by rlentz
Currently workflowpipe makes an Ajax call to get the preview results on a …


11:57 Ticket #331 (Check on License of imagine) created by gharris
Check licensing issues with imagine project
10:53 Ticket #330 (Example Extension for Envisaje Platform) created by gharris
Example Extension to demonstrate development of NetBeans Platform module …
10:51 Ticket #329 (Example Plugin for Envisaje) created by gharris
Example Plugin for Envisaje that demonstrates how to code and build a …
10:50 Ticket #328 (Commit Envisaje to SVN repository) created by gharris
Commit initial code/modules of Envisaje to SVN repository
10:45 Ticket #327 (Image Opener) created by gharris
Add image opener - using Bio-Formats to open into NavigableImagePanel.
10:43 Ticket #326 (Recent Files Menu) closed by gharris
10:42 Ticket #326 (Recent Files Menu) created by gharris
Added dynamic Recently Used File menu on File menu.
10:40 Ticket #138 (IJ Menus & Commands Refactoring) closed by gharris
10:40 Ticket #325 (IJ1 Plugins Installer for Envisaje) created by gharris
Installer for IJ1 Plugins to add them into Envisaje menus.
10:32 Ticket #120 (Prototype App. on NetBeans Platform) closed by gharris
fixed: Completed adaptation of net.java.dev.imagine project - changed package …
10:27 Ticket #289 (Update imagejdev.org with more technical details) closed by curtis
fixed: Web site was updated substantially over winter break. There is still …


15:34 Ticket #311 (Create DatasetProcessor) closed by bdezonia
15:31 Ticket #324 (Write tests for DatasetProcessor) created by bdezonia
Now that DatasetProcessor class implemented write tests
14:57 Ticket #323 (Port ImglibProcessor functional interface) created by bdezonia
With replacement of ImgLibProcessor with DatasetProcessor the functional …
14:24 Ticket #322 (Improve mutability of Datasets) created by bdezonia
Right now Datasets only support adding and deleting single subsets (such …
14:12 Ticket #312 (Verify data compatibility with ImgLib) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Implemented tests and made code compatible. Will likely need to move some …


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2011: Jan-03 to Jan-14 completed
Tasks from 2011-Jan-03 through 2010-Jan-14.
16:15 Ticket #321 (ImageJ OpenCL plugin support) created by rlentz
The OpenCL plugin tutorial identified an error in the OpenCL …
16:09 Ticket #320 (WorkFlowPipes static IJ1/2 plugin generation & menu integration) created by rlentz
Add functionality to WFP to allows WFP to generate static IJ1 and IJ2 …
16:06 Ticket #319 (Web Service / SOA Implementation) created by rlentz
Binary web services can allow rapid adoption of modular code as ImageJ …
15:51 Ticket #318 (Generation of IJ2 plugins from WorkFlowPipes) created by rlentz
Add functionality to WFP to generate Plugin Entry objects from workflows. …
15:47 Ticket #317 (Create an ImageJ plugin from WorkFlowPipes) created by rlentz
Add code to WFP to generate IJ1 plugins with menu options by creating Jars …
15:44 Ticket #316 (WorkFlowPipes Plugin) created by rlentz
Add parameter handler to workflowpipes for automatic generation of input …
15:42 Ticket #315 (WorkFlowPipes workflow backed demo) created by rlentz
Create a demo using OpenImage.java and GradientImage.java as simple plugin …
15:30 Ticket #314 (Back the WorkFlowPipes plugin with Aivar's workflow Code) created by rlentz
Aivar has written a workflow api to allow modular chaining of ImageJ …
15:25 Ticket #282 (Work on IJX branch) closed by rlentz
15:23 Ticket #249 (Test Bio-Formats ITK plug-in extensively on Windows) closed by hinerm
fixed: FARSIGHT and Bio-Formats have been extensively tested on Windows. We have …
15:20 Ticket #27 (Simplify compilation and deployment of FARSIGHT+Bio-Formats) closed by curtis
fixed: Rather than using CTest, we can use our Hudson system. See ticket #141. …
15:19 Ticket #225 (Update the http://www.imagejdev.org/opencl landing page to reflect ...) closed by rlentz
fixed: Feedback from the community resulted in the following changes to the web …
15:14 Ticket #116 (Document Bio-Formats usage with FARSIGHT) closed by hinerm
fixed: Step-by-step tutorials with images documenting the use of Bio-Formats with …


14:57 Ticket #313 (Eliminate obsolete code in IJ2) closed by bdezonia
14:57 Ticket #313 (Eliminate obsolete code in IJ2) created by bdezonia
There are older dataset implementations that are not used. Also …
14:50 Ticket #312 (Verify data compatibility with ImgLib) created by bdezonia
As currently designed IJ2 has two ways of manipuating data: through a …
14:47 Ticket #311 (Create DatasetProcessor) created by bdezonia
Add a different ImageProcessor type to the bridge: DatasetProcessor. Back …
14:43 Ticket #310 (Fix Unsigned12BitType in Imglib) closed by bdezonia
14:42 Ticket #310 (Fix Unsigned12BitType in Imglib) created by bdezonia
Unsigned12BitType acts inconsistently when fed negative values. Make …
14:40 Ticket #309 (Improve DatasetDuplicator) closed by bdezonia
fixed: tests written and code updated to work with them. some private classes …
14:39 Ticket #307 (Improve testing of classes in ij2-common) closed by bdezonia


13:16 Ticket #295 (Reduce number of classes in ij1-patches) closed by bdezonia
fixed: consider this aspect of ij1-patches complete. further needs documented in …
13:09 Ticket #309 (Improve DatasetDuplicator) created by bdezonia
DatasetDuplicator should preserve precision at all possible times. Also …
13:06 Ticket #308 (Implement DatasetView) closed by bdezonia
13:06 Ticket #308 (Implement DatasetView) created by bdezonia
Design, implement, and test a class that is a constrained view of a larger …
13:04 Ticket #307 (Improve testing of classes in ij2-common) created by bdezonia
There are few tests in ij2-common. Improve this situation.
13:03 Ticket #306 (Update imagejdev website with IJ 2.x info) closed by bdezonia
13:03 Ticket #306 (Update imagejdev website with IJ 2.x info) created by bdezonia
Document ImgLibProcessor and the Dataset interface.
12:59 Ticket #305 (Eliminate all classes in ij1-patches) created by bdezonia
Eliminate classes in ij1-patches. Fold their changed functionality into IJ …
12:53 Ticket #304 (Improve Long support in ImageJ 2.x) created by bdezonia
In some places in imagej2 code precision can be lost when working with …
12:51 Ticket #303 (Update version of IJ 1.x that ij-patches overrides) closed by bdezonia
12:51 Ticket #303 (Update version of IJ 1.x that ij-patches overrides) created by bdezonia
Update ij1-patches to work with newer version of IJ 1.x jar. Make changes …


09:44 Ticket #290 (Get OMERO working) closed by afraser


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Dec-13 to Dec-23 completed
Tasks from 2010-Dec-13 through 2010-Dec-23.
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