23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Dec-13 to Dec-23 completed
Tasks from 2010-Dec-13 through 2010-Dec-23.


10:37 Ticket #302 (Investigate plugin chaining schemes) created by aivar
Develop plugin chaining ideas. Tidy up Deep Zoom Plugin as testbed for …
10:28 Ticket #285 (Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [rois]) reopened by leek
10:25 Ticket #285 (Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [rois]) closed by leek
fixed: I have implemented a preliminary version of labeling. I have also …
09:59 Ticket #301 (Use of ImageOpener and ij1-bridge to create ImagePlus) closed by gharris
09:59 Ticket #301 (Use of ImageOpener and ij1-bridge to create ImagePlus) created by gharris
09:55 Ticket #286 (IjX: Fix string references to plugins/classes in Menus, IJ_Props) closed by gharris
09:55 Ticket #287 (IjX: Extract IJ1 plugin discovery mechanisms into legacy plugin manager.) closed by gharris


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Nov-29 to Dec-10 completed
Tasks from 2010-Nov-29 through 2010-Dec-10.
17:30 Ticket #300 (Upload bf-cpp and bf-itk binary builds) created by curtis
We need to build bf-cpp and bf-itk on the six major architectures, and …


15:34 Ticket #299 (eliminate DataType enum from ImageJ 2) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Defined a new interface called a Type. Eliminated DataType enum and a …
15:32 Ticket #299 (eliminate DataType enum from ImageJ 2) created by bdezonia
There is a type code in ij2-common that tells what data types are …
15:27 Ticket #283 (Implement Dataset interface and bridge classes that use/support it) closed by bdezonia
fixed: implemented BridgeStack, ImgLibDataset, support classes, and associated …
15:25 Ticket #274 (writeup on functional aspects of ImgLibProcessor) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Curtis posted to imagejdev website


17:39 Ticket #226 (Review Josh's Bio-Formats testing) closed by curtis
fixed: Melissa is going to review the work; see  #568.
17:34 Ticket #164 (Maven: post site:site output online) closed by curtis
fixed: This has been done for a while; see the [ http://imagejdev.org/resources


12:50 Ticket #297 (Fix ij1-bridge tests that fail due to headless violations) closed by curtis
fixed: Rick has commented out the problematic tests for now.
11:23 Ticket #298 (Make JVM creation method generic) created by hinerm
Currently in the BF-ITK plug-in, when a JVM is created the code is local …
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