12:50 Ticket #297 (Fix ij1-bridge tests that fail due to headless violations) closed by curtis
fixed: Rick has commented out the problematic tests for now.
11:23 Ticket #298 (Make JVM creation method generic) created by hinerm
Currently in the BF-ITK plug-in, when a JVM is created the code is local …


17:24 Ticket #297 (Fix ij1-bridge tests that fail due to headless violations) created by curtis
Some tests require graphical AWT components, and thus fail during Hudson …
17:22 Ticket #296 (Configure Hudson to email committers who broke the build) created by curtis
Hudson supports the ability to email the person responsible for breaking …
16:00 Ticket #295 (Reduce number of classes in ij1-patches) created by bdezonia
Goal: to use the latest IJ.jar and the minimum number of patched classes …


17:13 Ticket #294 (Email OME developers with thoughts, and request for feedback) created by curtis
Once ticket #293 is done, we can send an email to the OMERO team asking …
17:12 Ticket #293 (Brainstorm list of possible areas of synergy between CP, CPA and OMERO) created by curtis
After looking at tickets #290, #291 and #292, make a list of ways it might …
17:08 Ticket #292 (Investigate Omero Tables) created by curtis
 Omero Tables is a mechanism for working with …
17:06 Ticket #291 (Query data via the OMERO Python API) created by curtis
OMERO provides an …
17:04 Ticket #290 (Get OMERO working) created by curtis
Install OMERO, verify it works, import some data using the OMERO.importer …
14:01 Ticket #289 (Update imagejdev.org with more technical details) created by curtis
The imagejdev.org web site is out of date, and does not document the …
13:50 Ticket #225 (Update the http://www.imagejdev.org/opencl landing page to reflect ...) reopened by curtis
Any response to my comments above?
13:16 Ticket #272 (JOCL as Maven Dependency) closed by rlentz
13:16 Ticket #231 (Create an outline for the GUI section of the imagejdev.org page) closed by rlentz
13:15 Ticket #269 (Leveraging Enterprise processes for modular functional design) closed by rlentz
13:15 Ticket #225 (Update the http://www.imagejdev.org/opencl landing page to reflect ...) closed by rlentz
13:15 Ticket #241 (Write up results of industry-standard plugin framework document) closed by rlentz
13:15 Ticket #240 (Develop standards documents for coding practices based on Java) closed by rlentz
11:29 Ticket #139 (Plugin loading mechanism using SezPoz) closed by gharris
11:28 Ticket #214 (EventBus using Lookup API Demo) closed by gharris
11:24 Ticket #288 (Declarative registration of plugins (usingSezPoz)) created by gharris
Declarative registration of plugins (using SezPoz) to populate the menus …
10:57 Ticket #117 (Address FIXME code in LOCI plugins for ImageJ) closed by curtis
fixed: Split into separate tickets on LOCI Software Trac.
10:57 Ticket #287 (IjX: Extract IJ1 plugin discovery mechanisms into legacy plugin manager.) created by gharris
10:57 Ticket #280 (Add binning to SLIMPlugin) closed by aivar
fixed: Added 3x3 and 5x5. It's now easy to add other binning schemes to the …
10:56 Ticket #286 (IjX: Fix string references to plugins/classes in Menus, IJ_Props) created by gharris
These references need to be changed to reflect having moved ij to ijx and …
10:55 Ticket #279 (Display results for multiple channel fits.) closed by aivar
fixed: Now gives you a variety of results to display, such as "A1 A2 T1 T2 C", …
08:39 Ticket #285 (Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [rois]) created by leek
Propose and refine a mechanism to represent segmentation and labeling in …


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Nov-15 to Nov-24 completed
Tasks from 2010-Nov-15 through 2010-Nov-24.
14:57 Ticket #284 (Improve data type support in imagej 2.0 core) closed by bdezonia
14:57 Ticket #284 (Improve data type support in imagej 2.0 core) created by bdezonia
Made break between pixel type (UINT12, USHORT, BYTE, etc.) with storage …
14:48 Ticket #283 (Implement Dataset interface and bridge classes that use/support it) created by bdezonia
Goal: define a Dataset interface in ij2-common. In ij1-bridge implement …


15:35 Ticket #276 (ij1-patches and ij1-bridge work) closed by bdezonia
fixed: made four total subprojects: _ij1-patches, ij2-common, ij2-imglib, …


15:08 Ticket #282 (Work on IJX branch) created by rlentz
Added plugin args via constructor method to …
14:53 Ticket #281 (Create multi-platform version of SLIMPlugin.) created by aivar
Create and load dynamic native code libraries for all target platforms.
14:51 Ticket #280 (Add binning to SLIMPlugin) created by aivar
Add option to bin data before doing a fit.
14:50 Ticket #279 (Display results for multiple channel fits.) created by aivar
Add an option to display the fitted results for each channel.
14:49 Ticket #278 (Sandbox setup) closed by gharris
fixed: Sandbox setup on svn  http://dev.imagejdev.org/svn/imagej/trunk/sandbox/
14:49 Ticket #74 (Rework P. Barbers SLIMCurve code to work with new SLIMPlugin version of ...) closed by aivar
14:47 Ticket #122 (Use VisAD to show SLIMCurve results within ImageJ) closed by aivar
fixed: VisAD now can be launched optionally to interpret the results of a fit.
14:03 Ticket #186 (Complete August Update Document) closed by gharris
13:31 Ticket #213 (Abstract Plugin Input/Output Maps and Execution) closed by gharris
fixed: This was incorporated into ImageJ branch.
13:30 Ticket #189 (Complete Parameterized Plugin using Annotations) closed by gharris
fixed: This has been incorporated into the ImageJ branch.
13:28 Ticket #190 (GUI Windows decoupling refactoring) closed by gharris
10:38 Ticket #14 (Better event notifications) closed by gharris
fixed: We will use a publish/subscribe EventBus based on NetBeans Lookup. See: …
10:32 Ticket #188 (Design specification for Demo at Luxembourg) closed by gharris
10:31 Ticket #278 (Sandbox setup) created by gharris
Setup 'sandbox' for test/experiments related to using NetBeans APIs


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Nov-01 to Nov-12 completed
Tasks from 2010-Nov-01 through 2010-Nov-12.
17:04 Ticket #263 (Additional testing in imagej package) closed by bdezonia
17:04 Ticket #262 (Improve documentation of classes in imagej package) closed by bdezonia
16:57 Ticket #277 (backup server maintenance) closed by bdezonia
fixed: found dead drive on RAID assist Heath with RAID data setup and transfer …


15:50 Ticket #277 (backup server maintenance) created by bdezonia
get backup server rack's new UPS installation working. do system updates …
13:13 Ticket #276 (ij1-patches and ij1-bridge work) created by bdezonia
create ij1-patches and ij-bridge sub projects. make our IJ run using …
13:09 Ticket #275 (improve image.process.function classes) closed by bdezonia
13:09 Ticket #275 (improve image.process.function classes) created by bdezonia
remove some imglib dependencies add more classes to eliminate some special …
13:06 Ticket #274 (writeup on functional aspects of ImgLibProcessor) created by bdezonia
create documentation so others can understand the work I've done in …
13:04 Ticket #273 (Investigate feasability of general iterators in imagej package) created by bdezonia
In imagej.process.operation there is some class explosion. Investigate …


12:22 Ticket #272 (JOCL as Maven Dependency) created by rlentz
Several libraries are used in ImageJ that rely on additional native libs. …
12:14 Ticket #271 (Download the MCR for Linux for using Curvelet Based Alignment Analysis) created by rlentz
Internal functionality have been developed for research use with reliance …


13:27 Ticket #270 (improve the imagej.process.function implementations) closed by bdezonia
13:25 Ticket #270 (improve the imagej.process.function implementations) created by bdezonia
address the following issues in the imagej.process.function classes: 1) …


14:11 Ticket #267 (Add Unsigned12Bit support to ImageJ) closed by bdezonia
fixed: finished 12 bit support in all of ij & imagej. had to change ImageSTack …
14:09 Ticket #269 (Leveraging Enterprise processes for modular functional design) created by rlentz
Our prior work has used common web service approaches for using software …


13:05 Ticket #239 (Interative deconvolution as an example plugin for calling OpenCL from ...) closed by rlentz
12:12 Ticket #236 (Web Service Demos..) closed by rlentz
fixed: A demo web service project is active for both WSDL and hessian service …
12:10 Ticket #237 (6th - 7th November 2008: ImageJ User and Developer Conference, Luxembourg ...) closed by rlentz
fixed: Added the current OpenCL publication demo as a J2EE Bean with hessian …
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