12:08 Ticket #147 (Bioformats can't open Metamorph z-stack) created by leek
A CellProfiler user submitted a MetaMorph multi-image tiff. It is a …


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Jul-26 to Aug-06 completed
Tasks from 2010-Jul-26 through 2010-Aug-06.
18:02 Ticket #64 (Jar2lib testing) closed by curtis
18:02 Ticket #66 (Jar2Lib Farsight) closed by curtis


14:52 Ticket #146 (ImgLibProcessor.java) created by rlentz
Continue work on Imglib integration into ImageProcessor. Created class …
14:49 Ticket #127 (Maven OSGI ImageJ) closed by rlentz


16:09 Ticket #145 (Assist in devleopment of ImgLibProcessor) created by bdezonia
16:09 Ticket #144 (Set up logrotate on skynet) created by curtis
We are not currently rotating our logs, which means the log files are …
15:59 Ticket #143 (Explore use of OSGi) created by curtis
Once our codebase is unified under Maven (see #96), we can easily tag our …
15:48 Ticket #142 (Add loci-plugins.jar to bf-cpp) created by curtis
It would be nice if the bfcpp C++ library came with the LOCI Plugins …
15:45 Ticket #141 (Add bf-cpp binary builds to Hudson and Bio-Formats web site) created by curtis
We would like to automatically build the bfcpp library (dll/so/dylib) on …
15:40 Ticket #140 (Update cron scripts) created by curtis
* backup-data: compare datestamps between each subfolder and the remote …


14:19 Ticket #139 (Plugin loading mechanism using SezPoz) created by gharris
Using SezPoz, plugins can be discovered and metadata loaded without …
14:09 Ticket #138 (IJ Menus & Commands Refactoring) created by gharris
IJ Menus & Commands Refactoring to decouple actions/commands from menus …
13:11 Ticket #62 (Fix -debug option in showinf) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in  loci-java:r6723.
10:38 Ticket #69 (Catch up on email) closed by curtis
fixed: Still a couple of responses needed, but I am essentially caught up now.


23:00 Milestone biweekly-2010: Jul-12 to Jul-23 completed
Tasks from 2010-Jul-12 through 2010-Jul-23.
11:26 Ticket #137 (Update ImageJ testing source code to pass Hudson tests) closed by bdezonia
11:26 Ticket #137 (Update ImageJ testing source code to pass Hudson tests) created by bdezonia
A few ImageJ tests do not pass when run under hudson (headless). Remove …
10:17 Ticket #129 (Prep work for imglib integration meeting) closed by bdezonia


15:17 Ticket #136 (OME plugin prep work) created by bdezonia
LOCI will be participating in writing an IJ plugin to download data from …
15:09 Ticket #133 (Move Hudson onto Skynet) closed by bdezonia
fixed: Hudson installed and two jobs defined. Polling for changes. Tests passing.
15:08 Ticket #131 (Define Hudson jobs) closed by bdezonia
fixed: All jobs correctly defined. Will need to deal with Maven when time comes.
15:07 Ticket #97 (Set up Hudson for continuous build integration) closed by bdezonia


14:11 Ticket #134 (ShapeRoiTest bug) closed by bdezonia


17:20 Ticket #135 (Post vacation tasks) closed by bdezonia
17:20 Ticket #135 (Post vacation tasks) created by bdezonia
- catchup on Fiji and IJ emails - spend some time improving Eclipse skills …
17:13 Ticket #134 (ShapeRoiTest bug) created by bdezonia
17:04 Ticket #133 (Move Hudson onto Skynet) created by bdezonia
Once maven in place, imglib dependencies resolved, etc. then install …
17:02 Ticket #132 (Setup new rack server (dev testing box)) created by bdezonia
Once new rack server arrives get into rack and assist with setup.
17:01 Ticket #131 (Define Hudson jobs) created by bdezonia
Starting on temporary server. Defining two jobs: ImageJ and LOCI projects. …
16:53 Ticket #130 (Write tests for RandomAccessStream) closed by bdezonia
16:53 Ticket #130 (Write tests for RandomAccessStream) created by bdezonia
16:49 Ticket #129 (Prep work for imglib integration meeting) created by bdezonia
16:48 Ticket #128 (Setup Hudson on temporary server) closed by bdezonia
16:48 Ticket #128 (Setup Hudson on temporary server) created by bdezonia


08:44 Ticket #127 (Maven OSGI ImageJ) created by rlentz
Start refactoring ImageJ using the ImageJ/OSGI model.
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