20:50 Ticket #48 (ImageJ Ice server) created by curtis
It would be quite easy to deploy a simple [ http://zeroc.com/ice.html
20:48 Ticket #47 (Explore deployment/integration via Java Advanced Imaging) created by curtis
 Java Advanced Imaging
20:39 Ticket #46 (Integrate FARSIGHT with ImageJ) created by curtis
 FARSIGHT is a project for automated …
20:30 Ticket #45 (Integrate OMERO with ImageJ) created by curtis
We wish to provide a robust [ http://openmicroscopy.org/site/products/omero
20:22 Ticket #44 (Support for multi-view spectral lifetime visualization) created by curtis
LOCI originally created  VisBio
19:21 Ticket #43 (Tiled browser interface) created by curtis
When visualizing extremely large image planes, it would be more efficient …
16:51 Ticket #42 (Explore platform-specific desktop features) created by curtis
It would be useful to tailor the ImageJ user interface to each platform …
13:15 Ticket #41 ("Analyze Image" feature similar to Pixcavator) created by curtis
Wayne had an idea for a command called "Analyze Image" that combines …
13:03 Ticket #40 (Support for non-rectilinear coordinate systems) created by curtis
ImageJ currently supports rectangular images with calibration, but it …
12:57 Ticket #39 (Magnetic lasso tool) created by curtis
It would be nice to have a smart magnetic lasso tool within ImageJ. See …
12:26 Ticket #5 (Find tools for UML generation) closed by rlentz


15:55 ClassHierarchyChanges created by curtis
Initial list of ImageJ class hierarchy
12:51 Ticket #38 (Implement image scaling routine with correct gamma handling) created by curtis
There is a widespread problem with …


17:18 Ticket #37 (Localization/internationalization) created by curtis
ImageJ is a program in use around the world, yet little work has been done …
16:09 Ticket #36 (Explore OpenCL option for plugins) created by curtis
One potential issue with using imglib for the ImageJ data model
15:56 Ticket #35 (Analysis pipelines) created by curtis
A very common thing people want to do is chain multiple plugins together …
12:18 Ticket #34 (Integrate basic VisBio functionality) created by curtis
The current standalone  VisBio
12:09 Ticket #33 (RFP mechanism) created by curtis
We would like to establish an …
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