18:09 Ticket #11 (Improve plugins infrastructure) created by curtis
The ImageJ plugin architecture is simple and effective but lacks several …
14:14 Ticket #10 (Maintain strict separation of concerns (i.e., UI independence)) created by curtis
Currently, ImageJ has several design issues that impact any possibility of …
14:03 Ticket #9 (Redesign core I/O infrastructure) created by curtis
ImageJ's current I/O infrastructure is largely built around the …
13:58 Ticket #8 (Extend ImageJ's image metadata model) created by curtis
ImageJ is used across a broad number of scientific disciplines, each with …
13:51 Ticket #7 (Evaluate imglib for core ImageJ work) created by curtis
We want to use the [ http://pacific.mpi-cbg.de/wiki/index.php/Imglib
13:43 Ticket #6 (Flesh out ImageJ 2.0 class hierarchy) created by curtis
This ticket is a blanket one covering the general redesign of the core …
13:26 Ticket #5 (Find tools for UML generation) created by curtis
We want to generate UML diagrams and other visualizations of the ImageJ …
13:22 Ticket #4 (Write tests for external dependent projects) created by curtis
We will write tests for external projects and plugins that use ImageJ, …
13:20 Ticket #3 (Write unit tests for ImageJ1 core classes) created by curtis
We will write unit tests for the core ImageJ class hierarchy, according to …
13:16 Ticket #2 (Prioritize ImageJ core classes for unit testing) created by curtis
There are hundreds of core classes in ImageJ, but some are more commonly …
11:10 Ticket #1 (Identify projects with dependencies on ImageJ) created by rlentz
We want to generate a list of commonly used projects and plugins that use …


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