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Spreadsheet bindings for results table

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We can use  JACOB to provide an IJ2 plugin that integrates the ImageJ results table with an Excel spreadsheet. We can do the same for LibreOffice using  its UNO API.

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A cursory look at LibreOffice's API makes me think that it might not be trivial...

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by dscho

Another cursory look (as sort of reward for finally integrating the ImageJ Launcher into IJ2) shows that the documentation is now much better and the API -- while a reminescence of the complexity of COM -- is not half that bad.

The only caveat seems to be that LibreOffice must be running and the Java support turned on in Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Java.

A simple example for adding and populating a spreadsheet is then:

 * Example class to open a spreadsheet in LibreOffice using the UNO Runtime
 * On Debian, you need the ure and the libreoffice-java-common packages.

import com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue;
import com.sun.star.frame.XComponentLoader;
import com.sun.star.lang.XComponent;
import com.sun.star.lang.XMultiComponentFactory;
import com.sun.star.sheet.XSheetCellCursor;
import com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheetDocument;
import com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheet;
import com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheets;
import com.sun.star.table.XCell;
import com.sun.star.uno.Any;
import com.sun.star.uno.UnoRuntime;
import com.sun.star.uno.XComponentContext;

public class SSpreadsheet  {

        public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {
                XComponentContext context =

                XSpreadsheetDocument document = openSpreadsheet(context);
                XSpreadsheets sheets = document.getSheets();
                Any any = (Any)sheets.getByName("Sheet1");
                XSpreadsheet sheet = (XSpreadsheet)any.getObject();

                XSheetCellCursor cursor = sheet.createCursor();
                XCell cell = sheet.getCellByPosition(0, 1);
                cell = sheet.getCellByPosition(1, 0);
                cell.setFormula("Hello, you!");

        public static XSpreadsheetDocument
                        openSpreadsheet(XComponentContext context)
                        throws Exception {
                XMultiComponentFactory serviceManager =
                Object desktop = serviceManager
                XComponentLoader loader = (XComponentLoader)UnoRuntime
                        .queryInterface(XComponentLoader.class, desktop);
                XComponent component = loader
                        .loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/scalc", "_blank",
                                0, new PropertyValue[0]);
                return (XSpreadsheetDocument)UnoRuntime
                        .queryInterface(XSpreadsheetDocument.class, component);

This class can be compiled against unoil.jar, ridl.jar and juh.jar (it needs all three of them). On Debian systems, unoil.jar comes from the libreoffice-java-common package while ridl.jar and juh.jar come from the ure package.

A nice collection of LibreOffice/Java examples can be found here:

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