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#20 Efficient support for very large image data curtis closed critical ImgLib2
#1009 Migrate SLIM Plugin to ImageJ2 [ndim-data] aivar closed critical Spectral Lifetime
#1661 More seamless integration of IJ1 & IJ2 [ndim-data] dscho closed critical Legacy Compatibility
#9 Redesign core I/O infrastructure hinerm closed major I/O
#860 Make a UI agnostic drag and drop facility curtis closed major Core
#1203 Improve histograms [ndim-data] aivar closed major Core
#1273 Add thresholding capabilities bdezonia closed major Core
#1357 Improve plugin infrastructure [ndim-data] curtis closed major Plugin Framework
#1369 This feature was a duplicate aivar closed major Other
#1398 Recommended architecture changes [ndim-data] bdezonia closed major Core
#1460 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 [ndim-data] bdezonia closed major Core
#1502 Create a user story for the release [ndim-data] bdezonia closed major Community
#1608 Fix build system issues [ndim-data] dscho closed major Build System
#1610 Port some legacy concepts into IJ2 bdezonia closed major Core
#1660 Implement some IJ1 plugins bdezonia closed major Analysis Plugins
#1672 Previously completed work bdezonia closed major Other
#1693 Integrate well with CellProfiler leek closed major CellProfiler
#1729 Clean up after move to Madison [ndim-data] dscho closed major Server Admin
#1857 Feature: dscho closed major Server Admin
#1901 Improve the Updater [ndim-data] dscho closed major Updater
#1905 Improve Brightness and Contrast functionality [ndim-data] bdezonia closed major Analysis Plugins
#1912 Redesign core I/O infrastructure [ndim-data] curtis closed major I/O
#1563 Fix obviously failing commands [ndim-data] bdezonia closed minor Core
#1705 Improve website resources [ndim-data] curtis closed minor Community
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