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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10 Maintain strict separation of concerns (i.e., UI independence) curtis feature blocker Core
#476 ZoomTool: zoom to dragged rectangle slightly panned curtis defect major UI Framework
#871 Image > Zoom > Set... plugin does not always pan over center curtis defect major Display API
#1413 Make LegacyService a statically available singleton dscho defect major Legacy Compatibility
#497 Rotate 90 degrees: choose pan/zoom behavior curtis defect minor Core
#697 Check Performance of CompositeXYProjector curtis enhancement minor Display API
#1109 Color channel frame appearance is inconsistent curtis defect trivial UI Framework

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1246 Improve behavior of RGB images curtis feature critical Core
#729 Imglib OPS enhancement ideas bdezonia feature major ImgLib2
#927 Out of memory issue with Add Data plugin bdezonia defect major Core
#978 Update display mechanism for complex data curtis task major Display API
#1059 ShowPrefs plugin needs some work bdezonia task major Plugins
#1150 Flexibly handle translation hints in legacy layer bdezonia enhancement major Legacy Compatibility
#1400 Recommended architecture changes (2.0.0-final) bdezonia feature major Core
#1403 Eliminate all fatal bugs bdezonia feature major Core
#1448 Enhance Salt and Pepper dialog bdezonia enhancement major Plugins
#1480 Make About dialog use text overlays bdezonia defect major Plugins
#1500 Fix obviously failing commands (2.0.0-final) bdezonia feature major Core
#1552 Decide what to do about the annoying channel scrollbar when looking at photographs dscho enhancement major UI Framework
#1597 Finish off niggling details curtis feature major Core
#1721 Settle long term display issues curtis feature major Display API
#1804 Improve performance of Brightness/Contrast dialog curtis defect major Analysis Plugins
#1944 Orthogonal Dimension Selection for ImageJ Plugins curtis feature major Analysis Plugins
#2016 Make quitting vetoable curtis feature major Core
#2037 Use ImageJ.cfg to store all settings curtis defect major Core
#650 Progress bar does not keep up bdezonia defect minor UI Framework
#1071 Improve fractional scale computation bdezonia defect minor Core
#1170 Improve performance bdezonia feature minor Core
#1439 Improve zooming behavior (2.0.0-final) curtis feature minor Other
#1955 Consider using Desktop#browse(URI) curtis enhancement minor Core 2.0.0-beta-7
#1468 Document the updater changes and the update sites "ImageJ", "Fiji", "LOCI" dscho enhancement trivial Core

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#969 Composite images interact poorly with overlay drawing curtis defect major Display API
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