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#1873 New legacy layer approach bdezonia defect major Legacy Compatibility
#1881 CellImg VirtualStack support tricky for composite images bdezonia defect major Legacy Compatibility
#1884 Utilize PlanarCommand interface bdezonia defect major Analysis Plugins
#1908 These images don't look right hinerm defect major I/O
#1911 Image loading code needs feedback mechanism hinerm defect major I/O
#1945 Add infrastructure for typed dataset plugins bdezonia defect major Plugin Framework
#1977 Support a FloatingType interface bdezonia defect major ImgLib2
#1978 Create a measurement service bdezonia defect major ImgLib2
#1996 Eliminate Extents and Position classes bdezonia defect major Core
#2014 Verify that services dispose in similar order to initialization curtis defect major SciJava Common
#2023 Cannot mark a file obsolete as the sole operation dscho defect minor Updater
#2025 Utilize UnitService in IJ2 bdezonia defect major Analysis Plugins
#2029 There are two Rotate... menu entries bdezonia defect major Legacy Compatibility
#2030 FlipHorizontally and FlipVertically have edge artifacts curtis defect major Analysis Plugins
#811 Include a stripped-down Fiji Script Editor dscho enhancement major Scripting
#1063 ImgPlus should wrap any RandomAccessibleInterval curtis enhancement major ImgLib2
#1081 Need additional metadata when saving curtis enhancement major I/O
#1082 Additional RGB export support curtis enhancement major I/O
#1083 Add IO support for non-planar images curtis enhancement major I/O
#1411 Make simple mode of Updater even simpler dscho enhancement minor Updater
#1412 Turn the core logic of the Updater into an UpdateService dscho enhancement minor Updater
#1417 Clean up the Updater dscho enhancement minor Updater
#1688 Make histogram update live in threshold plugin bdezonia enhancement major Analysis Plugins
#1746 Concept of set of derived (i.e. fitted) images aivar enhancement major Other
#1778 Update version information Info.plist in the updater dscho enhancement minor Core
#1819 Have an example OpenSPIM image to open and display in ImageJ2 dscho enhancement major I/O
#1933 API for the ModuleInfo that marks dynamic commands curtis enhancement major Plugin Framework
#1947 Should RGB images set the legacy "RGB color" flag? curtis enhancement minor I/O 2.0.0-beta-7
#1970 Create Tukey threshold method curtis enhancement minor Analysis Plugins
#2007 Make TypeChanger non-dynamic, and use DataTypeService bdezonia enhancement major Data Model
#579 Support for multiple datasets in the same display curtis feature critical UI Framework
#1347 Improve the Updater [analysis] dscho feature major Updater
#1370 Use IJ2 for main SLIM Plugin UI Panel display aivar feature major UI Framework
#1653 Add BigInteger and BigDecimal numerical types curtis feature major ImgLib2
#1664 Improve infrastructure curtis feature major Community
#1666 Enhance update mechanisms dscho feature major Community
#1676 Improve drag and drop bdezonia feature major Core
#1775 Improve histograms [analysis] curtis feature major Analysis Plugins
#1878 Plugins to support bdezonia feature major Analysis Plugins
#1906 Clean up after move to Madison [analysis] dscho feature major Server Admin
#1913 Migrate SLIM plugin to ImageJ2 [analysis] aivar feature major Spectral Lifetime
#1919 Fix build system issues [analysis] dscho feature major Build System
#1920 Improve I/O support [analysis] hinerm feature major I/O
#1923 Support metadata, units, etc. curtis feature major Core
#833 Write tests for legacy layer bdezonia task critical Legacy Compatibility
#837 BeanShell-based IJ2 macro language dscho task critical Scripting
#1601 Table API change: require unique column headers curtis task major Core
#1808 Implement SLIM Plugin Histogram Tool in IJ2 aivar task major Spectral Lifetime
#1815 Support SLIM Plugin fitted images in IJ2/ImgLib2 aivar task major Spectral Lifetime
#1816 SLIM Plugin image fitting process should be adapted in IJ2 aivar task major Spectral Lifetime
#1817 Lifetime display aivar task critical Spectral Lifetime
#1818 Clicking on lifetime display should generate a lifetime click event aivar task major Spectral Lifetime
#1855 HistogramPlot needs List, Copy, and Log command support bdezonia task major Analysis Plugins
#1890 Add StashService to SciJava Common curtis task major SciJava Common
#2003 Set up AWStats on dev and server curtis task major Server Admin
#2004 Utilize unit conversions in imglib2-meta bdezonia task major ImgLib2
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