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#1933 moved API for the ModuleInfo that marks dynamic commands curtis MichaelZinsmaier

Reported by MichaelZinsmaier, 6 years ago.


For the KNIME integration Dynamic Commands have to be excluded during plugin discovery. However querying if a command is dynamic is problematic at the moment.

We currently use an instance of check but this is a) a bit ugly and b) as Curtis pointed out also not save because there might be dynamic commands that do not extend the DynamicCommand class

It would be very helpfull if you could add something to the ModuleInfo of a plugin that allows to identify DynamicCommands

Regrads Michael

#1934 fixed Potential unwanted dependency between ModuleService and MenuService curtis MichaelZinsmaier

Reported by MichaelZinsmaier, 6 years ago.


The KNIME ImageJ2 integration produces a null pointer exception if the ModuleService comes before the MenuService.

With the beta 7 release of ImageJ2 we had to move ModuleService behind MenuService in the constructor call of the scijava ImageJ Context to avoid a null pointer during initialization (onEvent(ModulesAddedEvent) was called before initialize).


What's weird to me is, I am not sure why we don't see this bug when running the end-user ImageJ application...

Maybe because we use the Context(ServiceClass[]) constructor?

Thanks in advance Michael

#79 fixed Run ImageJ Neuron Plugin from CellProfiler leek afraser

Reported by afraser, 10 years ago.


Part of our grant is to show that interfacing with ImageJ allows CellProfiler users to do something they couldn't do before. CP is currently lacking neuron-processing modules, so this is a good use case to start with.

Will search for existing fully automated neuron plugins in ImageJ, and use the CP-IJ connection that we've built to make use of it. If an existing plugin can not be found, I will find a useful neuron-processing/measuring algorithm and implement it as an ImageJ plugin first.

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