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Milestone: imagej2-b5-scripting (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1473 Channels Tool sometimes ineffective bdezonia bdezonia
#1466 Fix composite ROIs mouse interaction dscho dscho
#1464 Overlay Manager help needs help page bdezonia bdezonia
#1453 Fully document ImageJ 1.x compatibility mode bdezonia bdezonia
#1449 Utilize info from ImageJ context manifest in About dialog bdezonia bdezonia
#1432 Implement a pure IJ2 measurement facility bdezonia bdezonia
#1395 This feature was a duplicate bdezonia bdezonia
#1391 Finish testing IJ1 compatibility bdezonia bdezonia
#1387 Image > Duplicate does not handle overlays bdezonia bdezonia
#1332 Test 3d filter support bdezonia bdezonia
#1284 To RGB stack may display wrong bdezonia bdezonia
#1270 Create a user story for the release [scripting] bdezonia curtis
#1253 Display current colors on Toolbar bdezonia bdezonia
#1250 Implement results table curtis curtis
#1227 OPS: define a nonparallel ImageAssignment class bdezonia bdezonia
#1225 Do not expose broken commands bdezonia bdezonia
#1194 QuitProgram has annoying issue curtis bdezonia
#1179 Enhance help for Process > Math > Equation bdezonia bdezonia
#1144 New Show LUT plugin missing "List" functionality bdezonia bdezonia
#1097 Noise Reducer plugin enhancements bdezonia bdezonia
#1086 Deploy snapshot versions of ImageJ2 artifacts only if their corresponding source code changed dscho dscho
#1070 Improve OptionsChannels UI bdezonia bdezonia
#1068 Add color widget to OptionsChannels dialog bdezonia bdezonia
#1030 Integrate Java into the Scripting framework dscho dscho
#1026 Integrate Beanshell into the scripting framework dscho dscho
#102 Contact ITK community regarding bf-core library split curtis curtis
#12 Redesign scripting infrastructure dscho curtis

Milestone: imagej2-b4-plugins (73 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1465 Support composite ROIs dscho dscho
#1454 Make the Updater more robust dscho dscho
#1450 OptionsChannels allows last fg/bg colors to be edited bdezonia bdezonia
#1447 Minimize min/max computations during autoscaling bdezonia bdezonia
#1446 Remove AWT dependency from ij-data bdezonia bdezonia
#1445 Add support for pure java methods of running plugins bdezonia bdezonia
#1443 Allow plugin service to run intances of RunnablePlugin curtis bdezonia
#1438 Make sure calibration values are maintained bdezonia bdezonia
#1437 SelectView exception thrown : case 2 bdezonia bdezonia
#1436 SelectView does not place new overlay in correct display plane bdezonia bdezonia
#1435 SelectView exception thrown : case 1 bdezonia bdezonia
#1426 Implement some type of screen capture service bdezonia bdezonia
#1425 Implement some type of duplication service bdezonia bdezonia
#1424 Signed 64-bit images don't survive IJ2->IJ1->IJ2 round trip bdezonia aivar
#1423 Unsigned 32-bit images don't survive IJ2->IJ1->IJ2 round trip bdezonia aivar
#1422 Signed 16-bit images don't survive IJ2->IJ1->IJ2 round trip bdezonia aivar
#1421 Signed 8-bit test images don't survive IJ2->IJ1->IJ2 roundtrip bdezonia aivar
#1420 Test images don't survive IJ2->IJ1->IJ2 round trip bdezonia aivar
#1418 Duplicate plugin does not set display ranges bdezonia bdezonia
#1416 Cannot take a composite view to grayscale data via type change bdezonia bdezonia
#1414 Type changing can throw an exception bdezonia bdezonia
#1410 Refactor imagej.ImageJ.VERSION dscho dscho
#1393 Legacy layer: ImagePlus::hide() does not hide image bdezonia bdezonia
#1390 Image > Duplicate does not handle errors well bdezonia bdezonia
#1386 Rework histogram code aivar aivar
#1385 Improve lookup tables (LUTs) aivar aivar
#1383 Refactor Histogram code aivar aivar
#1382 Refactor ColorTables aivar aivar
#1381 Support ColorTable16 images aivar aivar
#1378 Move ij.jar from Fiji's Update Site to ImageJ's dscho dscho
#1377 Updater: fix the command-line for headless operations dscho dscho
#1376 Convert Uploader annotation to a Plugin type curtis curtis
#1374 Image :: Duplicate does not always work bdezonia bdezonia
#1372 Fix Updater's "Break the dependency" button dscho dscho
#1368 Cannot convert an RGB image into grayscale bdezonia bdezonia
#1367 Minimize the number of images that get opened by the legacy layer bdezonia bdezonia
#1363 Updater: port the command-line version from the Fiji Updater dscho dscho
#1362 Updater: re-implement the "Show changes" button from the Fiji Updater dscho dscho
#1361 Updater: download and use the ssh uploader when needed dscho dscho
#1360 Updater: handle multiple file versions in jars/ dscho dscho
#1359 Updater: mark obsolete files for uninstall by default dscho dscho
#1355 Create tutorials for the ImageJ API curtis curtis
#1353 Image > Stacks > Tools > Insert reports image titles badly bdezonia bdezonia
#1350 Force m2e to respect our buildnumber settings dscho dscho
#1346 Image label not up to date bdezonia bdezonia
#1345 Fix obviously failing commands [plugins] bdezonia bdezonia
#1340 Recommended architecture changes [plugins] bdezonia bdezonia
#1339 Make sure rewritten plugins fully support IJ1 functionality [plugins] bdezonia bdezonia
#1338 Support existing IJ1 menu commands when possible bdezonia bdezonia
#1337 Stack To Images can hang IJ2 bdezonia bdezonia
#1334 Plugins getting run twice curtis bdezonia
#1333 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 [plugins] bdezonia bdezonia
#1331 Update legacy layer to fix some plugin incompatibilities [plugins] bdezonia bdezonia
#1328 Make plugins headless friendly bdezonia bdezonia
#1325 Fix display UI issues [plugins] curtis curtis
#1323 Improve core architecture [plugins] curtis curtis
#1320 Select All not working bdezonia bdezonia
#1317 IJ2 cannot handle file created by IJ1 curtis bdezonia
#1315 Display range for float images not automatically set bdezonia bdezonia
#1314 Enhance OPS equation language bdezonia bdezonia
#1310 Utilize new Cancelable plugin architecture bdezonia bdezonia
#1305 Image > Transform > Bin loses composite status bdezonia bdezonia
#1304 Image > Rotate issues bdezonia bdezonia
#1303 Image > Duplicate improvements needed for hyperstacks bdezonia bdezonia
#1298 Image > Stacks > Tools > Insert broken bdezonia bdezonia
#1297 Image > Stacks > Tools > Combine broken bdezonia bdezonia
#1295 Exception error in Plot Z Profile bdezonia bdezonia
#1294 3d Project command results not like IJ1 bdezonia bdezonia
#1291 Improve menuing system [plugins] curtis curtis
#1288 Implement pure IJ2 version of Capture Image bdezonia bdezonia
#1286 Changes in Image >> Properties not always reflected in results bdezonia bdezonia
#1282 Edit >> Cut may use wrong fill value bdezonia bdezonia
#1279 Edit >> Selection >> Enlarge leaves mask behind bdezonia bdezonia
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