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Milestone: imagej2-b7-ndim-data (100 matches)

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#1847 Force the updater to ignore java3d .jar files dscho stephan.preibisch@…
#1845 Fix ImageJ 1.x mirror dscho dscho
#1838 Fix wiki.imagej.net dscho dscho
#1837 Fix the Stable-Fiji job dscho dscho
#1835 Application exit relies on hack bdezonia bdezonia
#1834 Drag and Drop: minor drawing issue bdezonia bdezonia
#1827 Fix updater's conflict resolution of local-only dependencies dscho dscho
#1823 Reinstate the contrib branches of fiji.sc dscho dscho
#1820 Improve histogram plot command bdezonia bdezonia
#1811 Image Duplicate should ask for name bdezonia bdezonia
#1810 Brightness/Contrast should have Default button bdezonia bdezonia
#1799 Brightness/Contrast needs to be interactive curtis bdezonia
#1798 Drawing tools do not update the live histogram bdezonia bdezonia
#1795 Make sure that we do not offer any files in luts/ via the updater dscho dscho
#1794 Improve the Stable-Fiji job dscho dscho
#1792 Enable Jenkins' IRC notifier dscho dscho
#1791 Do not use curl inside Jenkins jobs to trigger other Jenkins jobs dscho dscho
#1790 Fix scijava-common's tests on Windows dscho dscho
#1789 Fix all test failures on Windows dscho dscho
#1781 Infinite looping is possible with service initialization curtis bdezonia
#1780 Cannot load sample images bdezonia bdezonia
#1773 Make samples on fiji.sc work again dscho dscho
#1772 Legacy Create Mask plugin throws exception in IJ1 bdezonia bdezonia
#1771 Apply LUT command has issues bdezonia bdezonia
#1761 Edit >> Selection >> Specify: overlay size wrong bdezonia bdezonia
#1758 Thresholds draw pixels that are NaN bdezonia bdezonia
#1755 Let Fiji Wiki's Special:Incoming access the data uploaded via ImageJ2's Help>Upload Sample Image dscho dscho
#1754 Reconcile dependency versions between Fiji and ImageJ2 dscho dscho
#1753 Make the title bar display "ImageJ <version>" and Fiji's window title be "Fiji Is Just ImageJ <version>" dscho dscho
#1752 Make sure that the Jenkins job uploading ImageJ 1.x to the ImageJ update site still works dscho dscho
#1751 Make GitWeb work again on fiji.sc dscho dscho
#1750 Linked histogram tools for derived images aivar aivar
#1747 Support for colorized grayscale images aivar aivar
#1744 Move fiji.sc to a better registrar dscho dscho
#1737 Make the Fiji update site read-write again dscho dscho
#1736 Generalize the auto-installing of ij-updater-ssh dscho dscho
#1735 Make http://fiji.sc/<source-file> work again dscho dscho
#1734 Get http://fiji.sc/javadoc/ working again dscho dscho
#1733 Make the Pacific-access-logs job work again dscho dscho
#1731 Make sure Fiji infrastructure is properly backed up dscho dscho
#1729 Clean up after fiji.sc move to Madison [ndim-data] dscho dscho
#1727 Add integration tests for the SSH and SFTP uploader backends of the updater dscho dscho
#1726 Support WebDAV for uploading to an update site dscho dscho
#1705 Improve website resources [ndim-data] curtis curtis
#1703 Automatic binary image conversion can be unexpected bdezonia bdezonia
#1694 Exception when exiting ImageJ2 bdezonia bdezonia
#1693 Integrate well with CellProfiler leek bdezonia
#1691 Pull threshold code out of core commands bdezonia bdezonia
#1690 Pull calculator code out of core commands bdezonia bdezonia
#1677 ImageDisplays should be DND targets curtis bdezonia
#1675 IOService enhancement needed for drag and drop curtis bdezonia
#1672 Previously completed work bdezonia bdezonia
#1669 Break reliance on Imglib2's PlanarContainer curtis bdezonia
#1661 More seamless integration of IJ1 & IJ2 [ndim-data] dscho bdezonia
#1660 Implement some IJ1 plugins bdezonia bdezonia
#1659 Remove the "Update the updater?" question from the updater dscho dscho
#1656 Simplify updater tests dscho dscho
#1655 Use non-versioned filenames in the updater dscho dscho
#1645 Implement pure IJ2 version of "List Shortcuts" curtis curtis
#1644 Make ImageCalculator operations extensible curtis curtis
#1643 Improve performance of legacy image harmonization bdezonia bdezonia
#1642 Clean up LegacyOutputTracker code bdezonia bdezonia
#1640 Make New Image more functional bdezonia bdezonia
#1635 UpdaterTest unit tests fail, Windows dscho aivar
#1626 Sezpoz error on Windows dscho bdezonia
#1617 Legacy mode: can't use ROI Manager bdezonia bdezonia
#1616 Legacy mode: gracefully handle closing IJ1 app frame dscho bdezonia
#1612 Read legacy text tables into ResultsTables bdezonia bdezonia
#1611 Write ColorTable loading class bdezonia bdezonia
#1610 Port some legacy concepts into IJ2 bdezonia bdezonia
#1608 Fix build system issues [ndim-data] dscho curtis
#1606 Access ObjectService in a thread safe manner bdezonia bdezonia
#1603 Updater does not support reinstating previously obsolete files dscho curtis
#1602 incremental-deploy.sh does not deploy POMs dscho curtis
#1569 Skip CheckSezPoz processing for NetBeans IDE aivar aivar
#1563 Fix obviously failing commands [ndim-data] bdezonia bdezonia
#1551 Exceptions thrown via color buttons curtis bdezonia
#1550 IJ2 tutorials broken curtis bdezonia
#1549 Start even when ij.jar is corrupted or not present dscho dscho
#1538 Eliminate type confusion in PluginInfo and CommandInfo curtis curtis
#1502 Create a user story for the release [ndim-data] bdezonia bdezonia
#1478 Overlay harmonization might cause issues bdezonia bdezonia
#1460 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 [ndim-data] bdezonia bdezonia
#1452 Provide an easy way to drive the updater for 3rd party update sites dscho dscho
#1405 Newly created image Properties for pixel width and height is NaN curtis landinig
#1398 Recommended architecture changes [ndim-data] bdezonia bdezonia
#1371 Detect when ImageJ.app/ is in C:\Program Files\ on Windows and the current account has no privileges to write there dscho dscho
#1369 This feature was a duplicate aivar aivar
#1366 Reimplement some IJ1 plugins [ndim-data] bdezonia curtis
#1357 Improve plugin infrastructure [ndim-data] curtis curtis
#1335 Cropping results in exception and does not change data curtis bdezonia
#1273 Add thresholding capabilities bdezonia curtis
#1235 Improve Lookup Table menu support bdezonia bdezonia
#1220 DefaultImageDisplay::onEvent(DataUpdatedEvent ev) is inconsistent bdezonia bdezonia
#1203 Improve histograms [ndim-data] aivar curtis
#1128 Unify ImgLib2 Histogram implementations aivar curtis
#1122 Adjust Threshold not working bdezonia bdezonia
#1116 Possible changes for Tiger support curtis bdezonia
#1110 Improve contrast in Histogram bdezonia bdezonia
#1047 Write scripts to manage IJ1 plugin testing dscho curtis
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