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Milestone: imagej2-b8-analysis (72 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1553 Make it easier for non-core-IJ2 developers to respond to tickets dscho dscho
#1520 Make pure IJ2 implementation of measure commands bdezonia bdezonia
#1517 Eliminate PrimitveDoubleArray bdezonia bdezonia
#1503 Create a user story for the release [analysis] bdezonia bdezonia
#1459 Update legacy layer to fix some plugin incompatibilities [analysis] bdezonia bdezonia
#1456 Reimplement some IJ1 plugins [analysis] bdezonia bdezonia
#1431 Display range should never be 0 curtis bdezonia
#1428 Consider changing Image Type menu behavior bdezonia bdezonia
#1417 Clean up the Updater dscho dscho
#1412 Turn the core logic of the Updater into an UpdateService dscho dscho
#1411 Make simple mode of Updater even simpler dscho dscho
#1409 In twin-view (2 monitors) dialogs appear between the 2 monitors curtis landinig
#1406 LUT files cannot be open curtis landinig
#1384 Create ImageStatistics class aivar aivar
#1370 Use IJ2 for main SLIM Plugin UI Panel display aivar aivar
#1347 Improve the Updater [analysis] dscho dscho
#1336 Drawing Tools interact with Overlays bdezonia bdezonia
#1322 Analyze > Tools > Curve Fitter is missing functionality curtis bdezonia
#1316 Example where Brightness/Contrast issues are apparent bdezonia bdezonia
#1312 Process > FFT > Bandpass Filter fails on some images bdezonia bdezonia
#1300 Image label does not show calibration bdezonia bdezonia
#1289 Make pure IJ2 version of Synchronize Windows bdezonia bdezonia
#1280 Edit >> Selection >> Area To Line broken bdezonia bdezonia
#1267 Synchronize Windows likely broken bdezonia bdezonia
#1266 Profile Plot plugin has Live mode bdezonia bdezonia
#1264 Rewrite Edit >> Selection >> Specify bdezonia bdezonia
#1263 Previews don't work in Process >> Filters menu bdezonia bdezonia
#1248 Unit tests for DisplayViewer curtis curtis
#1222 Extend Edit Axes functionality bdezonia bdezonia
#1199 Teach the updater to resume interrupted updates dscho dscho
#1189 Adding an overlay resets image zoom curtis curtis
#1180 Eliminate redundant update events curtis bdezonia
#1126 Recording macros problematic dscho bdezonia
#1099 Brightness and Contrast lacks a histogram bdezonia bdezonia
#1083 Add IO support for non-planar images curtis hinerm
#1082 Additional RGB export support curtis hinerm
#1081 Need additional metadata when saving curtis hinerm
#1063 ImgPlus should wrap any RandomAccessibleInterval curtis curtis
#1029 Integrate Clojure into the Scripting framework dscho dscho
#1028 Integrate JRuby into the Scripting framework dscho dscho
#1027 Integrate Jython into the Scripting framework dscho dscho
#982 Analyze > Tools > Scale Bar command issues bdezonia bdezonia
#981 Rewrite interactive plugins bdezonia bdezonia
#980 Analyze > Tools > Calibration Bar command issues bdezonia bdezonia
#962 Image Rotate and Translate plugins less functional bdezonia bdezonia
#960 One of the Line Width ... plugins does nothing bdezonia bdezonia
#929 Support IJ1's subpixel resolution code bdezonia bdezonia
#903 Implement Window/Level Adjustment Plugin curtis gharris
#884 Decouple data events from display classes curtis bdezonia
#869 Make IJ2 options/settings applicable to IJ1 bdezonia bdezonia
#858 Determine correct menu location for script options plugin dscho bdezonia
#837 BeanShell-based IJ2 macro language dscho curtis
#833 Write tests for legacy layer bdezonia bdezonia
#822 Integrate dimensions, axes, calibration, etc. curtis bdezonia
#811 Include a stripped-down Fiji Script Editor dscho dscho
#796 Brightness/Contrast "auto" works differently than IJ1 curtis afraser
#794 16 bit images should auto scale on load curtis afraser
#790 Arrange Windows plugins for IJ2 curtis gharris
#777 Some images render differently in IJ2 curtis afraser
#770 Image renders differently in IJ1 & IJ2 curtis afraser
#751 Legacy translation test cases bdezonia bdezonia
#706 Create ColorTable (LUT) Selector Plugin bdezonia gharris
#660 Improve Display-DisplayView-DataObject hierarchy curtis curtis
#612 Image :: Stacks :: Orthogonal Views plugin does nothing bdezonia bdezonia
#607 Maintain ColorTables when modifying Datasets bdezonia bdezonia
#579 Support for multiple datasets in the same display curtis curtis
#564 Write pure IJ2 version of Image :: Show Info menu item bdezonia bdezonia
#559 The legacy layer only supports 8-bit ColorTables curtis bdezonia
#552 Make it possible to pass a ImgFactory to ImageTranslator::createDataset() bdezonia bdezonia
#516 Add arbitrary properties to Metadata curtis gharris
#490 Image Properties Editor bdezonia gharris
#445 Add unit support to IJ2 as needed curtis bdezonia

Milestone: imagej2-b7-ndim-data (28 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1912 Redesign core I/O infrastructure [ndim-data] curtis bdezonia
#1907 Files open multichannel incorrectly hinerm bdezonia
#1905 Improve Brightness and Contrast functionality [ndim-data] bdezonia bdezonia
#1901 Improve the Updater [ndim-data] dscho bdezonia
#1900 IJ2 does not support text table luts bdezonia bdezonia
#1898 Threshold does not always update bdezonia bdezonia
#1897 Exception in thresholding bdezonia bdezonia
#1892 Threshold dialog will not initialize/display bdezonia bdezonia
#1887 Some calibrations are NaN hinerm bdezonia
#1885 Create an AutoscaleService bdezonia bdezonia
#1882 Program exit not working well on scifio-cells branch hinerm bdezonia
#1880 Incorrect display range propagation bdezonia bdezonia
#1877 Image Scale command harmonizes wrong bdezonia bdezonia
#1875 WebDAV uploader: do not show the proxy dialog upon incorrect password dscho dscho
#1874 WebDAV uploader: Make sure that umlauts in passwords are handled properly dscho dscho
#1872 Cell Img types should act as virtual stacks in IJ1 bdezonia bdezonia
#1871 Change how binary data is checked and synchronized bdezonia bdezonia
#1870 SCIFIO barfs on this PNG file hinerm bdezonia
#1867 Uploading files with spaces does not work correctly dscho curtis
#1865 Make backups of sites.imagej.net dscho dscho
#1863 Fix Jenkins' increasingly frequent "out of PermSpace" errors dscho dscho
#1862 Make skynet a restricted Jenkins node dscho dscho
#1860 Add a Jenkins job for monitoring the disk usage on http://sites.imagej.net/ dscho dscho
#1859 Extend Fiji Wiki's Special:ChangeUploadPassword to handle sites.imagej.net, too dscho dscho
#1858 Add the virtual host 'sites.imagej.net' dscho dscho
#1857 Feature: sites.imagej.net dscho dscho
#1853 Add a UI to start/stop shadowing files from another update site dscho dscho
#1851 Fix Fiji issues with sezpoz dscho dscho
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