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Milestone: imagej2-b3-headless (64 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1163 DynamicPlugin instances should keep a local copy of their DynamicPluginInfo bdezonia curtis
#1162 Improve menuing system [headless] curtis curtis
#1161 Use Application default JMenuBar on Mac bdezonia curtis
#1160 Menu bar creation is slow bdezonia bdezonia
#1156 Active axis not getting initialized bdezonia bdezonia
#1154 Simultaneous image openings are problematic bdezonia bdezonia
#1151 Display range setting via legacy layer can be problematic bdezonia bdezonia
#1147 Miscellaneous Updater issues dscho dscho
#1145 Add axis is not adding sliders curtis bdezonia
#1143 Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [headless] bdezonia bdezonia
#1142 Sometimes images display with zero height curtis bdezonia
#1140 Use fully qualified name for ij-launcher.jar dscho dscho
#1138 Crop leaves old image in window curtis bdezonia
#1125 Duplicate command does not respect selection bdezonia bdezonia
#1121 Teach the Updater about version numbers dscho dscho
#1118 IJ2 can overwite Fiji's ImageJ.cfg dscho bdezonia
#1107 Sometimes menu commands do not run curtis bdezonia
#1102 ROIs can be drawn outside image curtis bdezonia
#1098 Harvested dialogs can have initialization problems curtis bdezonia
#1088 Fix splash image on Windows and Linux dscho curtis
#1087 Add UIService.setStatus methods dscho curtis
#1075 Development instructions for Linux need updating bdezonia bdezonia
#1069 Improve color widgets bdezonia bdezonia
#1051 Improve plugin infrastructure [headless] curtis curtis
#1046 Ability to open non-files (e.g., URLs) from ImgOpener curtis curtis
#1044 Make IJ2 respect user specified memory limits dscho bdezonia
#1035 Switch source code to Git dscho dscho
#1023 Detect when sezpoz was not run properly (e.g. when compiled in Eclipse) dscho dscho
#994 Combine ij-core and ij-ext curtis curtis
#971 Need programatic access for keyboard modifiers bdezonia bdezonia
#961 Add/delete axis/data plugins mislocated? bdezonia bdezonia
#952 Implement Spray Can Tool bdezonia bdezonia
#934 Drawing overlay changes tool focus dscho bdezonia
#933 Adding overlays can zoom inappropriately curtis bdezonia
#922 Overlay tools: right click can create tiny anomaly bdezonia bdezonia
#919 App menu not available in Linux curtis bdezonia
#913 Roll Tools into Plugin annotation curtis curtis
#875 Exception thrown when creating overlays curtis bdezonia
#868 Verify waitForThreads() code in LegacyPlugin is safe bdezonia bdezonia
#862 Zoom In and Zoom Out menu entries do not have correct accelerators curtis bdezonia
#850 Extend ImgOpener functionality curtis bdezonia
#826 Crop does not always resize window curtis bdezonia
#818 Overlays do not interact well with crop bdezonia bdezonia
#804 Allow plugins to cancel themselves curtis bdezonia
#798 Zooming out can result in drift dscho bdezonia
#778 Nile Bend (1.9M) doesn't display curtis afraser
#725 Document BF-ITK Usage hinerm hinerm
#689 Plugins > New > Macro throws an exception curtis afraser
#657 Create jar2ice and icewrap Maven plugin curtis curtis
#656 Flesh out website for jar2lib and cppwrap Maven plugin hinerm curtis
#655 Update build instructions for bf-cpp hinerm curtis
#653 Fix bf-cpp compile and runtime errors hinerm curtis
#635 Event focus rules should be more flexible curtis bdezonia
#622 Add more getters to InputWidget subinterfaces curtis curtis
#621 Review CanvasEvent event hierarchy curtis curtis
#600 Consider making an "assign axes" plugin bdezonia bdezonia
#581 OverlayTranslator does not handle "not" Rois correctly leek leek
#573 Composite image info lost sometimes bdezonia bdezonia
#557 Add permanent caching support to ImgIOUtils curtis curtis
#503 Improve Bio-Formats Hudson builds curtis curtis
#466 Zoom To Original Scale: resize panel if needed curtis bdezonia
#367 Update LOCI repositories and Tracs curtis curtis
#165 Maven: better style checking procedure curtis curtis
#100 Bio-Formats core library split curtis curtis

Milestone: imagej2-b2-bugfixes (36 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1184 Memory options crashes bdezonia bdezonia
#1181 Some display classes refer to abstract classes directly curtis bdezonia
#1178 Decorate displayed images with enabled UI elements curtis bdezonia
#1167 New Image fails to appear curtis gharris
#1157 Decide how to handle ImageDisplay.contains with Data object argument curtis curtis
#1149 Implement PointSets bdezonia bdezonia
#1148 Replace Process > Math > Macro bdezonia bdezonia
#1146 Math plugins don't handle merged color data correctly bdezonia bdezonia
#1139 Images always load at 100% scale curtis bdezonia
#1136 Inverse FFT may not work correctly curtis bdezonia
#1135 Edit LUT / Save LUT may not work bdezonia bdezonia
#1134 Copy To System broken bdezonia bdezonia
#1130 ROI operations should apply to shape outline bdezonia bdezonia
#1106 Sample images do not always load bdezonia bdezonia
#1105 Shift click can maximize image window bdezonia bdezonia
#1095 ij-launcher project POM reports errors in Eclipse dscho curtis
#1094 Classpath problem with third-party jar libraries dscho curtis
#1091 Invert plugin only inverts 2 out of 3 channels for color image bdezonia leek
#1066 LUTs can get messed up bdezonia bdezonia
#1020 Use ItemIO.BOTH where relevant in plugins bdezonia curtis
#995 Headless displays curtis curtis
#970 Set Axis Position plugin does no bounds checking bdezonia bdezonia
#966 Image > Color > Show LUT exceptions out bdezonia bdezonia
#911 Refactor AbstractSwingImageDisplay scale reporting bdezonia bdezonia
#851 Drag and Drop unsupported image file results in exception bdezonia bdezonia
#838 Better persistence behavior for unsupported object types curtis curtis
#825 Tall images may never display bdezonia bdezonia
#813 Provide a way for Fiji's Build System to handle our pom.xml files without starting Maven dscho dscho
#795 Respect signed 16-bit images bdezonia afraser
#771 Reduce dimensionality doesn't respect selected plane curtis afraser
#740 Stack to Images slow bdezonia bdezonia
#710 Fix BioFormats ICSReader.java to handle Gray .ics files. hinerm aivar
#692 Exception thrown for BigInteger parameters curtis curtis
#691 Exception thrown for char parameters curtis curtis
#671 Stack To Images points out performance issues bdezonia bdezonia
#651 Remove dependence upon AWT class KeyEvent bdezonia bdezonia
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