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Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#94 Improve BF ImporterTest::testMemoryCrop() bdezonia bdezonia
#253 Add option to specify additional library and/or include paths curtis curtis
#271 Download the MCR for Linux for using Curvelet Based Alignment Analysis curtis rlentz
#315 WorkFlowPipes workflow backed demo curtis rlentz
#316 WorkFlowPipes Plugin curtis rlentz
#317 Create an ImageJ plugin from WorkFlowPipes curtis rlentz
#318 Generation of IJ2 plugins from WorkFlowPipes curtis rlentz
#320 WorkFlowPipes static IJ1/2 plugin generation & menu integration curtis rlentz
#332 Improve WorkFlowPipes preview behavior curtis rlentz
#377 Support for color parameters curtis curtis
#380 Add support for interdependent parameters curtis curtis
#699 Add discovery of Composite settings from IJ metadata curtis gharris
#887 SLIMCurve: Fix GCI_marquardt_estimate_errors aivar aivar
#888 SLIMPlugin: Fitting engine rework aivar aivar
#889 Provide Histogram tool for SLIMPlugin. aivar aivar
#899 SLIM Plugin - fix display plugin concept aivar aivar
#900 SLIMCurve/SLIMPlugin: Add additional TRI2 fitting capabilities aivar aivar
#901 Package SLIM Plugin release aivar aivar
#902 SLIMPlugin - Clean up UI aivar aivar
#1018 Create ImageJ application based on NetBeans RCP gharris curtis
#1204 Fake test ticket bdezonia bdezonia
#1351 Force m2e to build .jar artifacts again dscho
#1739 Add a Git-backed uploader to support update sites on, say, GoogleCode dscho dscho
#2034 Launcher doesn't respect ImageJ.cfg memory dscho hinerm

Milestone: imagej-3.0.0 (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#46 Integrate FARSIGHT with ImageJ curtis curtis
#48 ImageJ Ice server curtis curtis
#143 Explore use of OSGi curtis curtis
#224 Move the publication source to a maven project curtis rlentz
#319 Web Service / SOA Implementation curtis rlentz
#345 Priority for OpenCL plugins from Kitware/ITK team curtis rlentz

Milestone: imagej-2.5.0 (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#8 Extend ImageJ's image metadata model curtis curtis
#19 Efficient support for very large image planes curtis curtis
#35 Analysis pipelines curtis curtis
#38 Implement image scaling routine with correct gamma handling dscho curtis
#42 Explore platform-specific desktop features curtis curtis
#43 Tiled browser interface curtis curtis
#44 Support for multi-view spectral lifetime visualization curtis curtis
#120 Prototype App. on NetBeans Platform gharris gharris
#166 Maven: better code coverage analysis curtis curtis
#175 Maven: JDepend analysis curtis curtis
#329 Example Plugin for Envisaje curtis gharris
#330 Example Extension for Envisaje Platform curtis gharris
#331 Check on License of imagine gharris gharris
#366 Combine Options into a single tabbed dialog curtis curtis
#389 Be able to pull data out of a Dataset without precision loss bdezonia bdezonia
#432 Remove requirement that Axes[0] == X && Axes[1] == Y bdezonia bdezonia
#444 Improve how the Display framework handles large images bdezonia bdezonia
#625 Hotkey problems in IJ2 curtis bdezonia
#805 Add Sections to group Plugin Input Paremeters curtis gharris
#806 Migrate workflow code to ij-ext project curtis curtis
#845 Break IJ2's reliance on RealType curtis bdezonia
#877 Consider whether we can have a Help>Refresh Menus dscho dscho
#885 Allow plugin parameters to be hidden curtis bdezonia
#917 Data organization issues bdezonia bdezonia
#1055 Improve plugin infrastructure (2.5.0) curtis curtis
#1056 WorkFlowPipes UI for analysis pipelines curtis curtis
#1348 Assorted infrastructure enhancements curtis dscho
#1497 Refactor the script editor to allow for a jvi backend dscho dscho
#1501 Improve plugin infrastructure (2.5.0) curtis curtis
#1595 Break some limitations of 2.0.0 curtis bdezonia
#1783 Make version binding tighter for reproducible builds dscho dscho
#1785 Investigate better ways to use the maven-release-plugin dscho dscho
#1786 Add a Jenkins job warning about API changes without version bumps dscho dscho
#1787 Enhance the ''ImageJ-style'' Jenkins job dscho dscho
#1788 Write up a public rationale for how and why we changed versioning to release-version coupling curtis dscho
#1987 Save & restore snapshot of ImageJ version with all plugins curtis curtis
#2042 Add support for more scripting languages curtis curtis

Milestone: imagej-2.1.0 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#1349 Improved user experience [2.1.0] dscho dscho
#1419 Make DefaultPlatform.open() return quickly, always dscho dscho
#1807 Numeric input fields don't handle scientific notation curtis bdezonia

Milestone: imagej2-unscheduled (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#478 Update Imglib performance benchmarks bdezonia bdezonia
#480 Add Tool Configuration Annotation curtis gharris
#661 Extend pixel types supported to include INT64 curtis bdezonia
#682 Allow parameter attribute changes besides value during callback methods curtis curtis
#683 Allow parameters to be contextually activated curtis curtis
#720 IJ2 Open command sets LUTs incorrectly curtis bdezonia
#721 Improve support for images where compositeChannelCount != numChannels bdezonia bdezonia
#755 Enhance Imglib OPS' image assignment classes bdezonia bdezonia
#891 IJ1 context menu is unavailable in IJ2 curtis bdezonia
#897 Modifiers on MenuItem and Tool Events bdezonia gharris
#985 Multiple menu bars are not synced properly curtis curtis
#988 More intelligent syncing between ShadowMenu and UI-specific menus curtis curtis
#1037 Curvelets support in ImgLib dscho dscho
#1038 Wavelets support in ImgLib dscho dscho
#1039 Level Sets support in ImgLib dscho dscho
#1093 Store ImageJ user config in user space bdezonia curtis
#1190 Drawing tools are misaligned on panned/zoomed images curtis curtis
#1202 Support new Imglib types bdezonia bdezonia
#1228 Add functionality to OPS' EquationParser bdezonia bdezonia
#1467 Enhance Imglib2 OPS bdezonia bdezonia
#1494 Support radial neighborhoods better in OPS bdezonia bdezonia
#1528 Support region sampling code bdezonia bdezonia
#1545 Provide methods for developers to calc their own statistics bdezonia bdezonia
#1559 OPS: RealEquationFunction is limited by coordinate space bdezonia bdezonia
#1646 Improve Table API curtis curtis
#1647 Table row sizing bug curtis curtis
#1648 Syntax for accelerators is not always intuitive curtis curtis
#1651 NumberWidget: sliders and scrolls don't work with doubles curtis bdezonia
#1654 Fix MiniMaven when a dependency's version is specified as a non-SNAPSHOT revision range dscho dscho
#1658 Teach MiniMaven to use the general Compiler API dscho dscho
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