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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#1631 Improve plugin infrastructure new curtis feature major
#1632 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 new curtis feature major
#1633 Fix obviously failing commands new curtis feature major
#1634 Fix rendering issues new curtis feature major
#1636 UI need multiple elements on one line reviewing curtis defect minor
#1638 UI needs dynamic dropdown lists reviewing curtis defect minor
#1650 Port Gabriel Landini's threshold plugins new bdezonia defect major
#1652 Resolve inconsistencies of threshold code reviewing curtis defect major
#1678 Threshold issues new bdezonia feature major
#1679 Threshold can have a gridded look new bdezonia defect major
#1681 The threshold overlay can only be selected in the overlay manager new bdezonia defect major
#1682 Threshold overlay may overdraw other overlays new bdezonia defect major
#1689 Fix interactive plugin code reviewing curtis defect major
#1697 Improve widgets [compatibility] new curtis feature major
#1701 Ensure multiple simultaneous widget panes work new curtis defect major
#1716 Legacy support related tickets new bdezonia feature major
#1721 Settle long term display issues new curtis feature major
#1724 File Revert has limitations new bdezonia defect major
#1762 Cannot invert degenerate binary images new bdezonia defect major
#1763 Legacy popup menu should be discovered new bdezonia defect major
#1765 Curve Fitter not working new bdezonia defect major
#1766 Edit > Selection > Create Selection broken new bdezonia defect major
#1768 The About Plugins subentries are not populated new bdezonia defect major
#1770 Legacy Edit > Selection > Select None command broken new bdezonia defect major
#1776 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 new bdezonia feature major
#1804 Improve performance of Brightness/Contrast dialog new curtis defect major
#1821 Improve drag-and-drop [compatibility] new bdezonia feature major
#1825 Legacy mode always displays the RoiManager new bdezonia defect minor
#1826 Phantom ROIs exist in ROIManager new bdezonia defect major
#1828 Drag and Drop: open a directory as a stack of images new curtis defect major
#1829 Drag and Drop: open various kinds of text files new curtis defect major
#1830 Drag and Drop: install plugins new curtis defect major
#1831 Drag and Drop: handle .roi files assigned bdezonia defect major
#1833 Drag and Drop: support .xls and .csv files new curtis defect major
#1840 Menu dispatching broken on graceful-exit branch new curtis defect major
#1866 IJ2 true color ranges improperly initialized reviewing curtis defect major
#1868 Take advantage of cell iteration order new hinerm enhancement major
#1879 Consider allowing File New to create merged color data new bdezonia enhancement major
#1891 Convert appropriate commands to PlanarCommand new hinerm enhancement major
#1899 Threshold should work with current plane if possible new bdezonia defect major
#1927 Finish flip axis plugin new bdezonia defect major
#1936 Overlay Manager needs Save/Open capabilities new bdezonia defect major
#1944 Orthogonal Dimension Selection for ImageJ Plugins new curtis feature major
#1960 Title of HistogramPlot dialog does not update new bdezonia defect major
#1963 Perform detailed performance analysis of the startup new dscho enhancement major
#1968 Recommended architecture changes [compatibility] new bdezonia feature major
#1969 Automatically threshold both low and high values new bdezonia enhancement minor
#1989 Improve LUT selector/browser plugin new bdezonia defect major
#1992 Delete data can throw exception 2 reopened bdezonia defect major
#2009 DefaultAutoscaleMethod could use valid bits range new bdezonia defect major
#2010 The FG/BG toolbar entries are not really tools new bdezonia defect major
#2016 Make quitting vetoable new curtis feature major
#2021 Dataset color tables are never overridden new bdezonia task major
#2024 Simplify design of binary mask plugins new bdezonia defect major
#2026 Use Histogram1d<?> more fully new bdezonia defect major
#2027 HistogramPlot should be more flexible new bdezonia defect major
#2028 Data does not always update correctly new bdezonia defect major
#2032 Better LUT ranges new curtis defect major
#2037 Use ImageJ.cfg to store all settings new curtis defect major
#10 Maintain strict separation of concerns (i.e., UI independence) assigned curtis feature blocker
#39 Magnetic lasso tool new task minor
#40 Support for non-rectilinear coordinate systems reopened curtis feature minor
#41 "Analyze Image" feature similar to Pixcavator new wayne feature minor
#101 Update Bio-Formats in VisAD repository new curtis task major
#285 Improve support for ROIs, segmentation and labeling [rois] assigned curtis feature major
#351 Copy/Paste functionality assigned bdezonia feature minor
#352 Define ROIs & Selections in relation to Img's accepted leek task major
#399 Reenable navigation preview image functionality new curtis task major
#441 Window menu commands do not work accepted curtis defect major
#476 ZoomTool: zoom to dragged rectangle slightly panned assigned curtis defect major
#484 Print Image Functionality new curtis feature minor
#485 Apply Plugin Operation to Stack new curtis enhancement major
#497 Rotate 90 degrees: choose pan/zoom behavior assigned curtis defect minor
#501 Make rendering quality a preference new bdezonia enhancement minor
#502 Expand Image Calculator plugin new bdezonia enhancement minor
#593 File :: New Image enhancement needed new curtis task major
#627 Rotating image can cause window size to be wrong accepted curtis defect major
#629 Image Type not checked for newly opened images accepted curtis defect critical
#650 Progress bar does not keep up new bdezonia defect minor
#697 Check Performance of CompositeXYProjector assigned curtis enhancement minor
#716 ProbeTool cursor is off accepted curtis defect major
#722 Task Management UI new curtis enhancement major
#729 Imglib OPS enhancement ideas new bdezonia feature major
#731 Implement Swing MDI version new curtis enhancement major
#749 Window menu bug accepted curtis defect major
#763 Add Sizing Constraint of Windows on Desktop/Workspace assigned bdezonia enhancement major
#772 Overlay > Add Image doesn't work new curtis defect minor
#779 Brightness/Contrast [IJ2] bug assigned curtis defect minor
#802 Imglib can hang up when memory is low new bdezonia defect major
#809 SwingInputHarvester generalization for SDI/MDI new curtis enhancement minor
#834 Spreadsheet bindings for results table accepted dscho task minor
#871 Image > Zoom > Set... plugin does not always pan over center assigned curtis defect major
#886 Update UI widgets to support dynamic changes to input ranges accepted curtis defect major
#925 Drawing tools too slow on big images assigned curtis defect major
#927 Out of memory issue with Add Data plugin new bdezonia defect major
#936 Window menu does not pull image to front accepted curtis defect major
#969 Composite images interact poorly with overlay drawing reviewing curtis defect major
#973 Fully support IJ1's Roi manager functionality new bdezonia task major
#978 Update display mechanism for complex data new curtis task major
#979 Problems with data 1 pixel wide assigned curtis defect major
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