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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#101 Update Bio-Formats in VisAD repository new curtis task major imagej-2.5.0
#1169 Update Bio-Formats downstream projects new curtis feature major imagej-2.5.0
#1524 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 [compatibility] new bdezonia feature major imagej2-b10-compatibility
#1697 Improve widgets [compatibility] new curtis feature major imagej2-b10-compatibility
#1821 Improve drag-and-drop [compatibility] new bdezonia feature major imagej2-b10-compatibility
#2016 Make quitting vetoable new curtis feature major imagej-2.0.0
#39 Magnetic lasso tool new task minor imagej-3.0.0
#40 Support for non-rectilinear coordinate systems reopened curtis feature minor imagej-3.0.0
#41 "Analyze Image" feature similar to Pixcavator new wayne feature minor imagej-3.0.0
#834 Spreadsheet bindings for results table accepted dscho task minor imagej-2.5.0
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