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#834 Spreadsheet bindings for results table accepted dscho task minor imagej-2.5.0
#1114 ImageJ2: null pointer exception upon shift-click on a rectangular ROI assigned dscho defect major imagej2-b9-rois
#1127 Implement "interpolate zoomed images" option new dscho enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled
#1413 Make LegacyService a statically available singleton assigned dscho defect major imagej-2.0.0
#1461 Preferences should only save non-default settings new dscho enhancement minor imagej2-unscheduled
#1462 Allow changing the z-order of overlays new dscho enhancement minor imagej2-b9-rois
#1468 Document the updater changes and the update sites "ImageJ", "Fiji", "LOCI" new dscho enhancement trivial imagej-2.0.0
#1552 Decide what to do about the annoying channel scrollbar when looking at photographs new dscho enhancement major imagej-2.0.0
#1566 Zoom out is slow assigned dscho defect major imagej2-unscheduled
#1963 Perform detailed performance analysis of the startup new dscho enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled
#1629 Fix Display UI issues new gharris feature major imagej2-unscheduled
#1525 Move some compositing code into Imglib reviewing hinerm defect major imagej2-b8-analysis
#1868 Take advantage of cell iteration order new hinerm enhancement major imagej2-b10-compatibility
#1891 Convert appropriate commands to PlanarCommand new hinerm enhancement major imagej2-b10-compatibility
#352 Define ROIs & Selections in relation to Img's accepted leek task major imagej2-b9-rois
#41 "Analyze Image" feature similar to Pixcavator new wayne feature minor imagej-3.0.0
#39 Magnetic lasso tool new task minor imagej-3.0.0
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