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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2028 Data does not always update correctly new defect major imagej2-b8-analysis Analysis Plugins
#1765 Curve Fitter not working new defect major imagej2-unscheduled Legacy Compatibility
#1309 Current selected overlay not always highlighted new defect major imagej2-b9-rois UI Framework
#351 Copy/Paste functionality assigned feature minor imagej2-unscheduled Core
#1141 Copy To System enhancement new enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled Plugins
#1879 Consider allowing File New to create merged color data new enhancement major imagej2-b10-compatibility Analysis Plugins
#1342 Closely model IJ1 user interface conventions new feature major imagej2-b10-compatibility UI Framework
#1196 Clip overlays when necessary new defect major imagej2-b9-rois Core
#1762 Cannot invert degenerate binary images new defect major imagej2-unscheduled Analysis Plugins
#1969 Automatically threshold both low and high values new enhancement minor imagej2-b8-analysis Analysis Plugins
#1077 Add outlined text facility to DrawingTool new enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled Data Model
#1524 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 [compatibility] new feature major imagej2-b10-compatibility Core
#1776 Add new functionality to showcase IJ2 new feature major imagej2-b9-rois Core
#763 Add Sizing Constraint of Windows on Desktop/Workspace assigned enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled UI Framework
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