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#871 Image > Zoom > Set... plugin does not always pan over center assigned curtis defect major imagej-2.0.0
#969 Composite images interact poorly with overlay drawing reviewing curtis defect major imagej-2.0.0
#978 Update display mechanism for complex data new curtis task major imagej-2.0.0
#979 Problems with data 1 pixel wide assigned curtis defect major imagej2-unscheduled
#1042 Allow image views to be decorated accepted curtis task major imagej2-unscheduled
#1283 Convert to RGB does not resize display new curtis defect major imagej2-b8-analysis
#1285 Image >> Adjust >> Canvas Size does not display quite right new bdezonia defect major imagej2-b8-analysis
#1577 Screen output non-linear assigned curtis defect major imagej2-b8-analysis
#1618 Display titles can be wrong new bdezonia defect major imagej2-unscheduled
#1629 Fix Display UI issues new gharris feature major imagej2-unscheduled
#1721 Settle long term display issues new curtis feature major imagej-2.0.0
#1866 IJ2 true color ranges improperly initialized reviewing curtis defect major imagej2-b8-analysis
#697 Check Performance of CompositeXYProjector assigned curtis enhancement minor imagej-2.0.0
#1100 Improve Brightness and Contrast functionality [analysis] assigned curtis feature minor imagej2-b8-analysis
#1244 Fix rendering issues new curtis feature minor imagej2-b8-analysis
#1326 Improve zooming behavior new curtis feature minor imagej2-unscheduled
#1358 Fix display UI issues [analysis] new curtis feature minor imagej2-b8-analysis
#1379 Support for colorized grayscale images reviewing curtis enhancement minor imagej2-unscheduled
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