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#352 Define ROIs & Selections in relation to Img's accepted leek task major imagej2-b9-rois
#485 Apply Plugin Operation to Stack new curtis enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled
#722 Task Management UI new curtis enhancement major imagej-2.5.0
#731 Implement Swing MDI version new curtis enhancement major imagej-2.5.0
#763 Add Sizing Constraint of Windows on Desktop/Workspace assigned bdezonia enhancement major imagej2-unscheduled
#351 Copy/Paste functionality assigned bdezonia feature minor imagej2-unscheduled
#484 Print Image Functionality new curtis feature minor imagej2-unscheduled
#697 Check Performance of CompositeXYProjector assigned curtis enhancement minor imagej-2.0.0
#809 SwingInputHarvester generalization for SDI/MDI new curtis enhancement minor imagej-2.5.0
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