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#147 Bioformats can't open Metamorph z-stack leek defect major Analysis Plugins
#198 write unit tests for all new ImageJ classes bdezonia task major Testing
#227 Incorporate planar access container code into ImageJ bdezonia task major Core
#232 Fix ImageJ bugs apparent with imglib backed images created with File New Image bdezonia defect major Core
#238 Prepare presentation for ImageJConf curtis task critical Community
#245 Improve Bio-Formats ITK plug-in handling of multichannel images hinerm defect major SCIFIO
#251 Get additional dimensions working curtis defect critical Core
#252 Improve Farsight - Nucleus Editor Usability hinerm enhancement minor FARSIGHT
#260 Add way to plugins automatically aivar enhancement major Plugin Framework
#261 ImageJ conference prep work bdezonia task major Other
#264 Minor refactoring work in imagej package bdezonia task major Core
#265 Refactoring skills research bdezonia task major Core
#266 Remove generic typing from PlaneStack bdezonia task major Core
#268 Make ImgLibProcessor assign() and transform() methods positionally aware bdezonia task major Core
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