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#71 Start using JFreeChart for SLIM graphing aivar defect major Spectral Lifetime
#93 Improve BF ImporterTest::testDatasetGroup() bdezonia task major Testing
#83 Implement BF ImporterTest::testComboManyOptions bdezonia task major Testing
#84 Implement BF ImporterTest::testComboConcatSplit() bdezonia task major Testing
#82 Implement BF ImporterTest combination tests bdezonia task major Testing
#73 Help Jimmy & Steve with region-based SLIM analysis in R curtis task major Analysis Plugins
#72 Help Abhinav with flow cytometry WiscScan code curtis task major WiscScan
#85 Get BF ImporterTest::testMemoryRange to incorporate step by 0 code bdezonia task major Testing
#57 Fix problems when combining ReaderWrappers curtis defect critical SCIFIO
#55 Fix problem with TextReader and Bio-Formats Importer curtis defect critical SCIFIO
#59 Fix bug in MinMaxCalculator with cropped images curtis defect major SCIFIO
#91 Finish BF ImporterTest::testMemoryCrop() bdezonia defect major Testing
#86 Finish BF ImporterTest::testAutoscale() to handle signed integer data bdezonia task major Testing
#92 FInish BF ImporterTest::testComboCropAutoscale() bdezonia task major Testing
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