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#124 Find a cure for AWT - WX woes on MacOS afraser defect major CellProfiler
#184 Migrate imglib to Maven curtis task major Build System
#187 Demo of Injectable Singleton using Lookup for Saving Preferences gharris task major Core
#206 Incorporate ImgLib images into ImageStack bdezonia task major Core
#217 OpenCL Publication rlentz task major OpenCL
#218 ImgLibProcessor - implement functional class support bdezonia task major Core
#219 ImageJ - add Observers to various RoiOperations bdezonia task major ImgLib2 OPS
#220 Check 64-bit Linux servers for backdoors bdezonia task major Server Admin
#221 ImageJ - add SelectionFunctions to iterators bdezonia task major ImgLib2 OPS
#222 ImageJ - integrate imglib images into NewImage bdezonia task major Core
#223 MAVEN Familiarization rlentz task major Build System
#228 ImgLibProcessor - make min/max calcs mirror IJ for all methods bdezonia task major Core
#229 ImgLibProcessor - improve design of fill(mask) bdezonia task major Core
#230 ImageJ - harmonize indexing/plane/position code bdezonia task major Core
#140 Update cron scripts curtis task minor Server Admin
#142 Add loci-plugins.jar to bf-cpp curtis task minor SCIFIO
#207 Integrate Annotation Based Plugin Scheme into core ImageJ rlentz task minor Plugin Framework
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