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#116 Document Bio-Formats usage with FARSIGHT hinerm task critical FARSIGHT
#249 Test Bio-Formats ITK plug-in extensively on Windows hinerm task major SCIFIO
#282 Work on IJX branch rlentz defect major Plugin Framework
#290 Get OMERO working afraser task major CellProfiler
#295 Reduce number of classes in ij1-patches bdezonia defect major Legacy Compatibility
#303 Update version of IJ 1.x that ij-patches overrides bdezonia task major Legacy Compatibility
#306 Update imagejdev website with IJ 2.x info bdezonia task major Community
#27 Simplify compilation and deployment of FARSIGHT+Bio-Formats hinerm task minor FARSIGHT
#225 Update the landing page to reflect internal feedback rlentz task minor OpenCL
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